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Pre-Gaming For Piracy In EVE Online

Posted Tue, Sep 14, 2010 by Space Junkie

Piracy is an indelicate art, but the more preparation and planning goes into it, the better results will be achieved, every time. Good pirates do their best to have every advantage possible tilted into their favor beforehand. What follows here is a checklist of best practices for new pirates looking to get set up in a particular solar system. By following the list (and adding your own ideas) you should be able to have a system prepped and as ready as you can make it.

While it may not be possible to fill every item on the checklist, getting as close to the ideal as possible is a good idea, especially if you customize the checklist to your own peculiar situation and PvP style.

EVE Online

Codifying your successful techniques is a good way to ensure that you keep succeeding.

Best Piracy Practices Checklist

  • Combat Bookmarks
  • Station Bookmarks
  • Scanning Bookmarks
  • Secondary Ammunition
  • Spare Ship
  • Giant Secure Container
  • Escape Plan
  • Map Of Vicinity
  • Intel

Combat Bookmarks

Making bookmarks at points 100km above and below each gate and station of interest is a good, sure. But making bookmarks that are somewhat farther away, at more random distances is better. Just so that you have options about where to position yourself, if you are in a hurry.

Another important aspect of this is having bookmarks that are exactly 100km away from a gate, in the direction of major locations, like other gates, stations, or nearby planets. If anybody is in a hurry and doesn't want to warp straight to the gate that you are lurking at, he may warp in at a hundred klicks.

More cautious souls will often warp to nearby planets, scan the gate for warp disruption spheres, and then warp in at a distance if they think it will give them an advantage. By having prepared bookmarks to the sites that are likely to be used, you can warp to their locations and land right on top of them.

A key aspect of this is that you need to be at least 150km away from your destination in order to warp. In order to bypass this limitation, you need bookmarks that are a bit farther away, and then warping to them at a distance. For example, if an enemy is 100km away, you cannot warp directly to a bookmark that is located near him. But you can warp to a bookmark that is 200km away. So warp to that bookmark at a distance of 100km, and you will end up right on top of your target.

Station Bookmarks

Station instant docking bookmarks and instant undocking bookmarks are critical. You may need to dock in a hurry if things aren't working out, or some silly fellow might try to camp you into a station while you are dropping off loot or re-loading. Bookmarks are the cure.

Making an instant docking bookmark is very simple. Dock in your station of choice and then undock again. Make a bookmark on that very spot. Henceforth, instead of warping to a station for docking, which usually puts you at 2500m away from the station, you can warp directly to your bookmark, and end up within that station's docking radius. No slowly accelerating toward the station before being able to dock. Much safer.

In order to make an instant undocking bookmark, dock in your station of choice, then undock. Notice that your ship is automatically at maximum acceleration as it exits the station. It is also moving in a direction that is within fifteen degrees of the point of undock. The trick is to grab a fast ship, dock, undock, and then to use the station model to gauge how off-tilt your undock path is, and to correct it. Make a bookmark 200 or 300 kilometers out, along that path. Now, when you undock from that station, quickly warp to that bookmark, and you will enter warp nearly instantly, because you are already aligned nearly toward it, at top speed. Try not to make the bookmark at a round number like 200km or 500km, because others' may have done the same, and will try to catch you there.

Scanning Bookmarks

Warp to each gate in your system of choice. As you are nearly exiting warp, but still about an AU away, make a bookmark. Now if you ever want to know what is at that gate, you can warp to that bookmark and use your directional scanner, instead of having to risk warping at 100km or warping to a nearby planet. Don't stay there too long, though, or you can be probed out.

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