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The EVE Forums (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Fri, Oct 07, 2011 by Space Junkie

The EVE Online forums are one of the most useful tools for players both new and old. The forums are helpful with buying, selling, corporate recruitment, and essential for staying aware of current events in EVE Online's explosive political scene.

EVE Online has recently upgraded their forums in a major way. They are now a part of EVE Gate, CCP's EVE-based social networking site. This is generally a positive thing since the forums have modern features such as searching, blocking, and the all-important 'like' button. The one thing that some have found to be a drawback is that the moderators have become a great deal more effective. I suppose that is a valid point if you are the lamentable sort of person that is into trolling internet forums (though such an activity is far beneath me).

There are 35 sub-forums, each focusing on a separate aspect of EVE. Let's talk about each of them:

EVE Information Center

EVE Information Portal: Easily the most important EVE forum. It is here that EVE's creators post about new expansions or upcoming game changes. It is also where important announcements appear, such as CCP CEO Hilmar's recent letter to the EVE community. Anything out of game that appears in the news feed when logging in is likely to be here. Every dedicated EVE player should check in here, weekly.

eve forums

EVE Gameplay Center

Missions & Complexes: Though not the comprehensive mission guide that EVE Survival is, this forum is good if you have very specific questions about PvE activities (including Incursions and wormhole complexes). Someone will usually know the answer or at least tell you where you can find it. Just be sure to google your question before starting a thread.

Warfare & Tactics: If you have a specific question along the lines of "where can I find PvP in low-sec?" or "how do I keep my Hulk from being suicide ganked?" this is the place to ask. Otherwise, you are probably better off looking on the EVE wiki. Occasionally there will be a meatier guide posted about something interesting, though.

Science & Industry: A genuinely handy forum for learning about how to make ISK in EVE, especially when read with another window on the official EVE wiki. This is especially handy to newer players that are not ready for more complicated stuff, and just want to get the hang of mining or the more lucrative planetary interaction area of expertise. Intelligently worded questions here tend to elicit helpful, intelligent answers.

Ships & Modules: A nuts and bolts forum for dealing with setting up your ship. it is largely superseded by BattleClinic, though it is still helpful for newer players that have questions about particular ships or setups and want real feedback. Like several other EVE forums, it is largely superseded by the EVElopedia.

Crime & Punishment: This is an unfortunate sub-forum in the sense that the questions asked tend to be bad, and the answers tend to be full of unhelpful space-machismo. If you enjoy watching dozens of people take the piss out of each other or complain about being scammed, this is the forum for you.

Market Discussions: A personal favorite of mine, this is for public market analysis, business proposals (like loans and IPO offers), and general market-related kibbitzing. The forum is about 50% good advice and interesting threads, 50% incredibly transparent attempts to spike a particular commodity.

Skill Discussions: An incredibly handy sub-forum for new players that do not know what to train. This forum tends to be very positive and helpful, perhaps because it is so rudimentary that the Crime & Punishment crowd does not stray here.

Events & Gatherings: A somewhat disused forum where players theoretically organize in-game events or out-of-game meet ups. EVE players can be a lot of fun and tend to be heavy drinkers, so if that's your scene go ahead and check for a meet near you.

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