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Flying The Ishkur In EVE Online

Posted Mon, Jun 28, 2010 by Space Junkie

The Ishkur, named after the Sumerian deity of thunder, is a Gallente assault frigate. Much like the deity after which it is named, it fills the sky with destruction. The main aspect of this is that it has the best drone bandwidth of any standard frigate-sized ship. This makes it one of the best low-level mission running ships in the game, and an excellent platform for trickier missions like COSMOS or the low-level epic missions.

It is also pretty good at blowing up other frigate-sized ships in PvP, and has a decent shot at most tech one cruisers. Because assault frigates are so easy to train for, and are almost certainly on any pilot's long-term skill plan, this makes the Ishkur one of the best tech two options for new players, especially if they rely primarily on running missions for income.

This guide examines the Ishkur's strengths, weaknesses, and includes various suggestions for how to fit it with modules. This guide specifically focuses using the Ishkur to effectively run missions, for which the Ishkur is one of the best-equipped frigate-sized vessels in the game.

Why Fly The Ishkur

EVE Online

The Ishkur is adept at plowing through low-level missions, making it a great tech two option for newer players to work toward flying.

It's like this: for running the vast majority of missions, especially low-level missions, drones are better than other weapon systems. This is not just about the ability to pick exactly what kind of damage you want to do, or drones' ability to engage even when you are very far away, once assigned to a target, though that helps.

This is about your ability to turn on your drones, orbit something, and read the newspaper while your drones automatically engage one target after another, until the area is clear. Maybe another wave of them appears, and you pull your drones in before repeating the cycle. Warp back to home station. Mission accomplished.

The Ishkur can field a flight of five light drones, despite being a frigate hull. This means that you can chew through mission frigates and cruisers with relative ease and a minimum of personal oversight, and that you can out-run or out track anything likely to hurt you in a level 1 or level 2 mission.

A Word About Modules And Skills

The modules listed are for my suggested "end-game" fitting for this ship hull. Using tech one modules is absolutely fine for running missions with this, as the drones do most of the work. This is especially palatable for fitting reasons, which may be problematic for newer players.

The most important thing is that you don't run out of capacitor in a tight spot, and that your drone skills are as good as you can get them to be. In fact, I would say that you should at minimum train the following drone-related skills:

  • Drones IV (ideally trained to V)
  • Scout Drone Operation IV
  • Combat Drone Operation III
  • Drone Durability III

Of special note is Drone Navigation, which can be started once you have trained Drones IV. Unfortunately, if you train more levels in this than you have in Drone Sharpshooting (which requires Drones V as a pre-requisite) then your drones will often have trouble tracking small targets. This is one of the few times when higher level skills can actually work against you in EVE Online.

These skills will come in handy no matter what you do in EVE, since ships of every race use them. Even if you end up hating the Ishkur or Gallente ships in general, you will still most likely use drones.

Other helpful skills include anything that helps with fitting (Engineering, Electronics, and Weapon Upgrades) or capacitor (Energy Management), or with armor repair (Repair Systems). Training Assault Frigates IV wouldn't hurt the cause, either.

High-Slot Modules

  • x2 125mm Railgun II (Antimatter Charge S and Lead Charge S)
  • x1 Salvager I
  • x1 Drone Link Augmentor I

If you are like me and just want to plow through low-level or COSMOS missions as fast as possible, even if you need to (God forbid) actually lock and shoot things, then the turrets will come in handy. On the other hand, if you would prefer not to micromanage guns in favor of letting the drones do all the work, you can eschew these in favor of a "Small Tractor Beam I" to pull in wrecks and containers. With perfect fitting skills, you should be able to fit a third 125mm, at the expense of one of the other modules.

If you are having trouble getting everything to fit because of your low skills, the guns can be downgraded to their 75mm equivalents, switched for small blasters, or omitted entirely. It is very unlikely that you will encounter something in a level 1 or level 2 mission that five light drones can't take out.

For most missions, you should use Antimatter ammo in any guns that you have. But firing from afar often pays dividends by making missions take less time, overall. Thus, using Railguns and long range ammo are often more convenient than using blasters or short range ammo.

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