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Flying The Vexor In Missions (EVE Online Guide)

Updated Sun, Aug 28, 2011 by Space Junkie

Missions are fun, but I prefer to run them while only half paying attention. For this, drones are my weapon of choice, and the vexor is a Gallente cruiser that is as effective as it is newbie-accessible. Fly the vexor now, thank me later.

Why Fly The Vexor

The vexor is an all-out offensive cruiser that combines hybrid turrets with a swarm of robotic drones to tear through swarms of NPCs. It is an excellent choice for a new player looking to grind through first and second level combat missions. This is particularly so because once they begin fighting, drones will attack every enemy NPC ship within range. This means that as long as your ship has aggro and can tank the incoming damage, you do not need to constantly micromanage your drones. And if you do feel like micromanaging, you can use your turrets to good effect supporting your drones.

Another pleasing thing about the vexor is that, although hybrids can only inflict a blend of thermal and kinetic damage, drones can inflict any damage type you like. This flexibility is important for running missions, where being able to adapt to your enemies' weaknesses can mean the difference between success and failure.

A Word About Gallente In General

EVE Online

Making missions easy is the Gallente way.

Gallente are the drone race, and they have a good progression of drone-using ships. Training drone skills will help you early on with the imicus frigate and vexor cruiser, then as you become more skilled you can use the myrmidon battlecruiser and dominix battleship. Both of the gallente heavy assault cruisers use drones, though the ishtar specializes in their use. All carriers and supercarriers excel at drone use, and the Gallente nyx supercarrier is currently the most popular of its ship class in the game.

The point of all of this is that investing in drone skill points will help you as a Gallente pilot. Even if you eventually branch out, the majority of other races' ships will involve at least some aspect of drone usage.

Recommended Skills

Drones are a weapon class that is especially reliant on good support skills. This is not to say that you can't use them on your first day, just that you will reap solid returns on skill points spent on skills like Combat Drone Operation, Scout Drone Operation, and eventually Drone Sharpshooting and Drone Interfacing.

High Slots

  • x3 Dual 150mm Railgun I (Antimatter Charge M for ammo)
  • x1 Salvager I
  • x1 Small Tractor Beam I

The hybrid turrets are for backing up your drones, while antimatter charge gives you the best bang for your buck. The salvager and tractor beam is for mission business and incidental loot. Depending on your skills and the exact versions of the modules you use, you may not be able to have both a salvager and a tractor beam fit at once.

Middle Slots

  • x1 10mn Afterburner I
  • x2 Cap Recharger I

Your afterburner and armor repairer require capacitor to function, and the cap rechargers will give it to you. If you still find cap stability to be a problem, try upgrading your modules to named versions with a higher meta level, as well as training up more levels in Energy Management and Energy Systems Operation. If you still end up needing more capacitor than that, you may want to invest in rigs, specifically one or more Capacitor Control Circuit I rigs. With three you should be able to keep your armor repairer running indefinitely.

Low Slots

  • x1 Medium Armor Repairer I
  • x1 Damage Control I
  • x2 Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I

The two "EANM" can and should be switched out for more appropriate hardeners depending on what kind of enemy you are fighting. The "N-Type" versions of each hardener are the best-named non-tech II version, and should be affordable even to new players. Once you are able to use tech two modules it will be worth your while to switch out the damage control for a third hardener, but with bare bones skills the damage control contributes more to your survivability.

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