Bring in a Friend with EVE Online's 60 Day Trial Key

CCP gives players a 60 day game trial pass code to bring a friend into the EVE Online universe.
If you’ve got a friend or have been thinking of starting a new EVE Online account, CCP will have a little something to help you along the way later today. When players log on later today, they’ll find a new 60 day trial game code in their Account Management section that they can pass on to a friend to give EVE Online and it's latest content from the Crucible expansion a try.

There are a few restrictions to the codes. They’re only single use and can only be applied to new accounts and not existing ones. The codes are also bound to trial account restrictions and must be redeemed before January 24th, 2012.

What’s the purpose of the 60 day trial key you ask? It’s one of CCP’s experiments to get EVE Online back to its roots and attract more players that might enjoy the EVE experience. Or to put it in CCP's words:

So, grand experiment #1, give out 350K 60 day trial codes. The only way to get one is to ask an EVE player or have an EVE player ask you. We’re not looking for hordes of l337 kids with ADD We’re hoping that an extended trial to poke around in the EVE universe will give more folks the time needed to get engaged and get involved in EVE Online. And, given the crowded schedule of holidays and new releases around this time of year, we’re hoping that extended play time let’s people pickup and learn EVE at their own pace.

Source: EVE Online website

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