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CCP Announces Community Events for EVE Fanfest 2012

Posted Fri, Jan 27, 2012 by Martuk

CCP has pitched a list of what attendees of this year’s EVE Fanfest will have to look forward to at the event. This year fans will have the chance to win a tour of the CCP offices and lunch with the devs via a random drawing for donating PLEX for the Get Well Gamers charity. Winners will even have the opportunity to pitch a game design idea to CCP Soundwave in a private meeting.

Aside from the normal drunken merriment that surrounds EVE Fanfest, CCP will also be holding a poker tournament, a silent auction, the Battle of the Bands and even a chance to party in VIP style if you manage to place in the top three slots of the poker tournament.

Get the full rundown of the EVE Fanfest community events on the EVE Online website.

Source: Community Events at Fanfest 2012

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