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CCP Details Plans for Expanding EVE Online in 2013

Posted Wed, Jan 16, 2013 by Martuk

CCP has made some adjustments to the EVE Online development team to help deliver Executive Producer Jon Lander’s plans that he refers to asa little more ambitious” for EVE. Rather than focusing on individual systems, Lander’s plans involve more of a themed approach to expansions. The idea being to tackle various systems at a time and weave them together to "make expansions people will be drooling over to play." Lander's plans are somewhat embodied in the image below.


As part of the change, the EVE development team has gone through a few changes. The role of Senior Producer has been split into two roles with CCP Riley taking on the first of those roles as Development Director and CCP Riley taking the second as senior producer.

CCP Seagull followed Lander’s letter with one of his own to further detail the “themed expansion” plans for 2013 and how CCP plans to develop more for “enablers and instigators.”

There are some people who make things work - they pre-fit ships for a fleet op, they run mega-spreadsheets for the industry production lines needed to equip the war effort, build tools to manage a corporation or command large fleets. Their activities enable others to have fun in EVE. And then there are some people who instigate big plans that others can help realize. Whether in null, low or high sec, the dreams and ambitions of these people inspire others with purpose.

We will start working to give the ”Enablers” better tools, and to make sure “Instigators” have cool and worthwhile ways to make an impact on the EVE universe when they inspire others to join them. We believe that helping these two archetypes achieve their own goals is the best way to have the sandbox of EVE thrive - by supporting them in creating their own exciting plans and schemes that people can be excited to join both when they arrive fresh out of a starter system or when they are looking for the next adventure in their ongoing EVE career.

While CCP is still looking at ways to make the game more accessible to new players, they’re also coming up with more ways for existing players to make an impact.

In addition to the two newest dev blogs, the latest CSM7 Meeting Minutes are also available.

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Here's to hoping exploration = more depth and/or new wormholes/more wormhole classes.

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