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CCP Increases the Fight Against EVE RMT and Botting

Posted Tue, Apr 03, 2012 by Martuk

CCP has increased its fight against online botting and RMT trading in EVE Online. The latest EVE dev blog outlines some of the new features being used to decrease RMT and botting in EVE.

As part of the ongoing fight, CCP has re-instituted the automatic botting detection routines, which will now run the banning process on a daily basis and retroactive to just before EVE Fanfest. Additionally, thanks to new measures recently taken, CCP reports that last Friday saw the banning of around 105 EVE Online accounts tied to RMT operations, somewhere between 1-3 trillion ISK seized and roughly 500 billion ISK in RMT transactions were reversed, leaving some players involved with more than one kind of empty wallet.

CCP Sreegs also offered a little commonsense advice to EVE players on how to avoid finding yourself in trouble.

I've been asked a lot of questions about how to avoid running into trouble here and there's a very clear and surefire way to do so. Don't do business with people you know to be involved in RMT. Don't buy accounts, items, PLEX or ISK illegally. THERE YOU HAVE IT! The ONLY legal seller of PLEX is CCP. Anything else can be taken from you when you are caught and the likelihood of that happening is increasing significantly. Have a fat pile of cash and want to convert it to ISK? Buy PLEX! We fully recognize that the only way to provide a level playing field for our customers is to end the problem and that's the direction we're headed.

A more detailed blog discussing the actions taken and results will be posted at a later time, but for now you can read the full blog from CCP Sreegs for more.

Source: Team Security – Now with 100% More Anti-RMT

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