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Updated: EVE Online Services Brought Down Due to DDoS Attack

Updated Tue, Jun 14, 2011 by Martuk

CCP has taken EVE Online servers offline as a security precaution following a DDoS attack earlier today. LulzSec, the hacker group responsible for the recent hacking of Bethesda is claiming to be responsible for the EVE Online outage as well as other attacks earlier today on the MineCraft and League of Legends login servers and The Escapist website.

CCP has release a statement via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

EVE Online and related services experienced an Internet attack. We have taken them down as a security precaution.

Update: We've received a response from CCP on today's incident.

At 17:00 GMT today, CCP became aware of a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attack against the EVE Online cluster and web servers.

Immediately, these services were taken offline. As an added precaution, all of CCP's infrastructure was disconnected from the public Internet.

The CCP Security team is conducting a thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened and how, what the possible impact may be and, first and foremost, assuring that any personal information of our customers remains secure.

More information will be released as it’s available.

Hackers must have tiny dicks if they really feel fulfilled by these childish attacks Try doing something useful for a change

Shortly after service was restored to the EVE Online Tranquility server, the CCP Security Task force became aware of ongoing traffic flooding which prompted them to take the server offline. We apologize for the inconvenience but feel this step was warranted in order to protect our customers and the service we provide to them. Please feel free to discuss this in this thread.

Hackers invented the Internet, and have driven technological shifts. How is that not useful?

If they feel they are doing the world a favor by attacking these sites.... They would probably do more good downing the warcrack servers

If they feel they are doing the world a favor by attacking these sites.... They would probably do more good downing the warcrack servers

These attacks are not fun. They are actually for the first time causing very many regular folk to harbor negative feelings and resentment toward them. They are not "robin hood" or even "guy fox".

They are pissing people off who are trying to have fun. Eve online is a haven for many hackers and ex hackers.. These folk also do a lot of internet sleuthing for pvp which overflows into real life more often than not.

Lulz may find themselves outed and in some serious trouble if they don't stop their ddos of eve.

They should ban all hackers from useing the internet and tag then to make sure short of killing them all they do is disrupt stuff for so called fun till someone dies then they will have the big companys after them

Hackers are the reason the Internet exists, dude. It's the mindset, the whole 'well, what happens if I were to do this?' that brings about innovation.

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