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EVE Online's CSM Chairman Resigns Following Alliance Panel Controversy

Posted Thu, Mar 29, 2012 by Martuk

The Mittani has been under a lot of fire since this year’s EVE Fanfest. Following the Alliance Panel presentation, CCP opened an investigation following allegations of the mocking of what appeared to be a suicidal player. The Mittani later posted an apology for the remarks and has since resigned his position as Council of Stellar Management Chairman.

CCP has posted a pair of new dev blogs in response to the Fanfest 2012 Alliance Panel reflecting on CCP’s process for vetting the content of the panel, which is generally considered to be a fairly open discussion. CCP is reviewing its process for vetting future Fanfest presentations and has also issued a 30-day temporary ban to The Mittani for violation of EVE Online's Terms and Service.

Following a thorough internal review CCP has decided to respond to this clear violation of our Terms of Service and wholly inappropriate use of the Alliance Panel. According to our existing policies, we have issued a 30 day ban from EVE Online to the panel speaker.

EVE Dev Blog – Alliance Panel at Fanfest 2012: The Conclusion
EVE Dev Blog – The 2012 Alliance Panel at Fanfest

He didn't resign, he was booted off the CSM by CCP and also given the 30 day suspension from the game on top of that.

No, he did resign, from the Chairmanship. However, CCP found him in violation of the TOS & EULA and gave him a thirty day ban, violating the TOS or EULA also means revocation of your CSM seat.

He resigned the chairman position.

Then soon after CCP booted him from the CSM altogether and banned him for 30 days.

They also made it clear that if he runs again it will only be after a "candidacy review".

Since then he has promised to "stab a knife into the heart" of Eve by having his goons suicide attack players attempting to use the largest trade hub in Eve. The targets are freighters, the goal is to break the entire game economy, and the time is about 30 days from now when his ban runs out.

This sounds like the REAL Mittani and goons. (their true delinquent juvenile selves revealed) Remember this is the same group of people that made it rain penises in Second Life. They are Discordians and agents of Chaos.

Are you saying that Second Life doesn't need a constant Penis Rain?

He also described the 30 day ban and removal from the CSM as being "thrown under a bus", "thrown off a cliff" and "hung on a cross" in a leaked memo to his goons.

It was about time. I hope more drama will follow, butthurt goons are funny as hell :)

Good riddance. He's hurting Eve. More people would play if the game didn't get this kind of coverage. People play video games to have fun and feel successful, not to be bullied by selfish thugs. Real life is hard enough. I play to escape, not to endure more drama and grief.

Hi Jade Constantine! Good to know you think that more people would be playing Eve without the influence of Goons and the stories they generate.

You're still wrong of course.

I don't know who Jade is. I'm new to Eve, been here about 3 weeks. It's a beautiful and intriguing game filled with some unattractive people. How am I supposed to recommend it to my friends? "Come join me in Eve. It's like a big sandbox where the bullies kick sand in your face all day and then laugh about to all the world on the forums.". Oh, yeah. That sounds like fun.

CCP and current Eve players are so focused on pleasing the current player base of 300,000 but don't make any allowances for the millions of players who are hungry for an Internet spaceship game...that isn't filled with thugs and gangsters.

Successful? ./shrug. Eve is where Everquest was before Wow. Both had a high penalty for death; both allowed other players to "loot their stuff"; both prided themselves on immersive worlds; both needed large groups of 70+ to tackle the interesting challenges; both had all sorts of grindy gameplay; both had boring/hard to find missions; and both had 3-400,000 subscribers. Wow has 8-10 million. It's hard to argue with that kind of success.

CCP has no real competition in this field. Yet. They have the only Internet spaceship game around. So they can afford to ignore their deeply flawed game. Eve has tremendous potential. If only they would unlock it.

I've been playing Eve-Online since September 2004 and during that time I have tried other MMO's but stuck with Eve because of its key selling point that the players drive the political landscape & the content. Great empires have risen and fallen, reputations built and forfeited as the game has evolved.

What new people to Eve forget is that you are in competition with everyone regardless if you PvP directly in ships or via the market, mining, invention, exploration, ratting, mission, faction warfare, production etc, etc, etc. If someone sees an opportunity to exploit a players lack of knowledge, laziness they will do it.

I don't know the whole game, the mechanics change, the market paradigms change, the politics always shift however I make sure I specialize in one area and compete there. If I am lacking I find someone else to help me or hire him to do a job for me. Eve is an awful single player experience you have to engage with the other people and use your judgement who to trust and how far.

You cannot buy win in Eve you have to plan it, train it, execute it, stake it because if it goes all wrong the GM's aren't going to give you free stuff.


Admittedly EVE offers a very different sort of game experience, both good and bad. On many games that have the option, you may find that PVP servers are just less populated than PVE or even roleplay servers. Whether you think PVP is good for EVE or not, regardless of your opinion a lot of people just simply don't like that experience and don't play that game. Personally, my opinion is that some amount of PVP makes EVE what it is... but that amount could easily be less of the focus.

The part of EVE I find fascinating is the almost-entirely-player-driven economy, everything from the materials to the production to the distribution. I could write a dissertation on the economic ramifications of PLEX being bought for real world currency, sold for ISK, and then potentially re-entering the market of real-world goods (such as the recent video card promotion). If this happened with any frequency, I could define ISK as a tradeable global currency on Earth and derive exchange rates. The permutations of EVE industry and trade have amazing potential, which could be realized further if those areas of the game were given more consideration.

So, having said all of this, I am hopeful that the new wardec system ends up encouraging the creation of young non-PVP corporations and stems the tide of useless griefing a bit. The idea of mercenary corporations is appealing and makes sense from a realistic standpoint. If we're not good at killing people... outsource! With the recent crackdown on bots and the forthcoming rogue drone changes (bounty instead of alloy) mining might actually be a reasonable venture once more. With any luck, we might just get some good changes for those who enjoy EVE's other aspects.

As for entities like Goonswarm: I've been playing EVE for over six months and I haven't heard any compelling stories about Goonswarm. They are not God's Gift to EVE, they are just the people everyone can agree to despise. When you start to approach having a monopoly, don't be surprised at the subsequent repercussions for your hubris.

For the record I am not a Goonswarm member, never have been and probably won't be. In fact I was on the opposite site of Goonswarm during the Burn Jita episode. I also don't consider myself an Elite Solo PvP either and spent probably 4 years as a Carebear prior to getting into Eve PvP. I consider myself quite humble in regards to my PvP ability.

I get that some weaker PvP organisations get wardec'd by other organisations that are either financially or technically stronger in realm of PVP. Hopefully when the war-dec system is truly fixed, (we now have the dogpile issue.) Corporations of all sizes and backgrounds will be able to "call in" support.

On a side note of non-consensual PvP one question raised by a chap during Fanfest which I saw recorded. He asked why should his high sec research POS be vulnerable to attack, (I believe they are still invulnerable post war dec changes)? What if every moon within 10 jumps of Jita had a research POS? Why should a new group of players joining Eve would be forced to either to pay an over inflated price or setup shop in a less desirable location just because they arrived late.

How would we resolve this other than the non-consensual PvP route.
- We shard EVE into PvP and PvE servers. Apart from destroying Eve's uniqueness of one universe I don't think there is enough turn over of items i.e. stuff being destroyed to run an economy in a PvE environment without significantly changing the mechanics to bring in a "Decay" factor on modules & ships which would only really hit the mission runners / ratters. However we still run into the same problem, so shard more universes and dilute the player base.
- We "instance" moons. Assuming we could fix all the other issues they could / would generate. (effectively we remove POS warfare & POS safespots.) Do we not run into the problem of infinite supply? You could argue only for high sec and not null sec moons however have we just dropped BPC & T1 manufacturing market down a hole because of over potential supply? Drone regions again.

Like I said previously the richness of Eve as a gaming experience is having to find and work with Allies because you've specialized in an area. Its a CEO's job to find / buy / rent talent to get the job done from a small company to a huge multinational, perhaps one of the great attractions to many PvE players? Yes there is some real unpleasantness in Eve, (stuff that I really don't like) but lets face it Eve is a rather old, adult game and everyone is playing to win, (within the rules.)

Xav. This game is really awesome because of it's effects. I can do whatever I want with my character since it is a free will game. I do believe that this game is much better than other online games. Thanks for posting your blog here I really appreciate it. This game is really awesome because of it's effects. I can do whatever I want with my character since it is a free will game. I do believe that this game is much better than other online games. Thanks for posting your blog here I really appreciate it.

So next time when you get killed just file a petition and say you are suicidal and the other guy is booted from eve.

Below are instructions:
1) get blown up by someone
2) send suicidal message to the other guy
3) petition the other guy for harassment. Remember to mention you are suicidal.
4) the other guy gets banned. If he is the chair of the csm you also get few billion isk and awkward messages from ccp

The whole thing just stinks. This kind of behaviour is exactly what the goons do. Suicidal or not their modus operandi is this exactly. This same thing has been done trillions of times before so what made it different this time?

Nothing is bigger than saving your public image. At least for Ccp. This is a publicity stunt. Great chance to be white knight and ccp will never leave such opportunity not used.

You also need to be in front of the cameras just waiting for you to screw up. Make sure to drink a lot of jagerbombs to pull this off. To get that attention you crave, say something really really stupid, something thatll get the media to turn their heads on you because its a very very sensitive issue for the past couple years or so.

I think CCP made the right call. As a chairman, you get not only visibility and the power to make things change the way you want but also some responsibilities. One of them is fundamental and it is the respect of other peoples involved in the decisions and calls you are making.

The fact that the player *harassed* by The Mittani was having psychological problems or not is not to be taken in consideration here. The real problem is that The Mittani used the stage provided by his position to publicly call for harassement.

If this might be a good tactic ingame, it is not the character that made the call but the person and it was made in a inappropriate way due to his chairman position.

In the other way, if you have to judge the man for what he's doing... He might not be a good chairman but you have to admit he's the perfect candiate for a Goonswarm leader.

Crooks like the goons have no place in the CSM.

Crooks like the goons have no place in the CSM.

In preparing for a property presentation, it is wise to understand the client, the property, and the motivation that puts the property on the market today. Every client will have a story to tell and a requirement to fill.

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