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EVE Dev Blogs Clarify Corp Location and Starbase Changes

Posted Wed, Nov 23, 2011 by Martuk

Crucible will bring a lot of changes to EVE Online and CCP took some extra time recently to elaborate on a couple of those changes in a pair of new dev blogs. Up first is a blog from CCP Tuxford with an update on Corp Locations (formerly known as Corp Bookmarks). Crucible will make the life of scouts a little easier by allowing the Corp Locations to be updated and accessed by all corp members, but the changes will be on a 5 minute delay, so they could be outdated by a small amount at any given time. Some players have expressed concern about the change, but CCP feels it’s a non-issue currently.

There has been some discussion on the forum about whether this makes a scout's life too easy. With Corp Locations, a scout can save strategic locations and then in 5 minutes or less the whole corp has access to it. We’re aware of this concern but we don’t see it as a problem right, given the tools that are already available on TQ. We will be monitoring, and if this does turn out to be a problem, we have number of options open to address it.

Up next is a new blog from CCP Greyscale, which he begins by explaining a slight error relating to starbases in his previous blog.

Disregard all mention of "offline timers"; starbase structures will continue to offline instantly. Whoops.

CCP Greyscale also lays out a few changes to timers and clarifies the functional process of refueling EVE starbases.

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