Daily Tip:Many players will challenge others to a 1-versus-1 duel. EVE players are scoundrels, and it's pretty rare that they'll honor their agreements. Even if you never see another ship, there's likely a command ship in that solar system providing big bonuses to your opponent. Don't fall prey to a fight you can't win.

EVE Devs Wage War for the Holidays

Posted Wed, Dec 05, 2012 by Martuk

Can you feel the warm holiday cheer in the cold vacuum of space? EVE Online developers at CCP sure do and they’re bringing the holiday cheer to players with the gift of a dev incursion. If you’re new to EVE, you may be asking - What’s a dev incursion? For that we turn to CCP Unifex.

At some point, sometime in the coming days, you will suddenly hear reports through our news channels, social media, and in-game events forum that a massive CCP fleet is gathering in Polaris and getting ready to make it's merry way out into the cluster. Upon hearing these ominous reports, you can rest assured that something bad is about to go down (because what else could a bunch of devs getting a fleet together mean but trouble?)

Shortly after, the fleet will depart Polaris and use what military experts are calling “devhax” to appear in a carefully selected system somewhere in New Eden, which we will then proceed to camp with authority and rain down terrible vengeance upon any who dare come our way.

You can expect to see many of CCP’s finest on-hand for the event such as CCP Soundwave, CCP Explorer, CCP Zulu, CCP Unifex and many more. So if you’ve ever wanted to shoot a dev down, now is your chance.

Make sure to bring friends before attacking CCP or risk ending up like this guy.

Previous dev incursions have managed to rack up billions in ISK damages. How destructive will this year be?

If you can’t make the event live, you can tune into the chaos and mayhem of the dev incursions live on

Source: EVE Dev Holiday Incursion Announcement

I really love this game especially defeating some opponents. You may lose the battle but the dignity still remains.

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