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EVE Fanfest Alliance Panel Leads to Controversy for CSM Chairman

Updated Tue, Mar 27, 2012 by Martuk

Sins of a Solar Spymaster author and member of the notorious Goonswarm, The Mittani, reclaimed his seat as the player-elected Council of Stellar Management chairman following the latest elections for EVE Online with more than 10k votes. But The Mittani has found himself surrounded by a bit of controversy after the EVE Fanfest Alliance Panel. During the Alliance Panel, The Mittani made several references to his experiences in EVE Online via presentation. In the more controversial instance, The Mittani showed a conversation with a seemingly depressed player following a scam and in what has become the center of the controversy; The Mittani later gave the in-game name of the player to the crowd.

According to a report from Eurogamer, this has prompted CCP to investigate the issue. In the released statement, a CCP representaive stated:

"I want to reassure you that CCP in no way condones the harassment of players, especially those who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, as we understand the possible consequences of such abhorrent behaviour," CCP public relations and social media specialist Ned Coker said.

Cooker went on to explain that CCP has a suicide hotline that has helped some troubled players in the past and that they’ll be monitoring behavior directed at the player named in the game and vowed to make a full review of the panel and the process used for vetting its content.

"We are undertaking a full internal review of this panel as well as the process used for vetting the panel's materials. Even though this panel was billed as unfiltered by CCP, we expect public presentations to be courteous and professional towards others."

Needless to say, this has become a hot topic on the EVE Online forums with some players calling for The Mittani’s resignation as CSM, prompting The Mittani to drop a few posts of his own further elaborating on what he was saying.

Also, I didn't suggest that people evemail the guy. I suggested that they run locator agents on him and blow up his Mackinaws - which is exactly what locators are for.

Update: The Mittani has posted an appology about the panel with additional clarification. Thanks to Powers for the tip.

Source: Eurogamer

I wish EVE TV hadn't streamed this live, mostly because you need to be at Fanfest to understand just what's going on with the Alliance panel. It's a group of EVE's most outrageous personas trying to one up each other at an event where drunkenness, hangovers, jet lag, and nullsec machismo are never in short supply. It's all a spectacle and a screen for the most complex player organizations this or any MMO has ever seen.

I've known The Mittani for years, and though I might be endangering his carefully crafted reputation, he's not a bad guy. At all. At this particular event, I've watched him express genuine concern for players who aren't a good, shall we say, "cultural fit" for Goonswarm and would get thoroughly robbed in the process of applying. I've even seen him go out of his way to open a door for a woman struggling with a baby carriage.

Did he cross the line repeatedly in this panel? Certainly, but only if you fall into the same trap in taking EVE (as a game, not as a sandbox) way too seriously. We don't have confirmation that the poster in question was really as troubled as he sounds in any case. There's a fair chance that this is just more of the spycrafted messing about that alliances do in EVE, since Goons eat up this stuff.

In any case, Goonswarm has always been at war with players who take EVE way too seriously, especially in unhealthy ways. They frustrate, pillage, and attack the over-committed and most ridiculous, and if you're genuinely writing the kind of posts The Mittani mentioned, you most certainly shouldn't be playing. If GS causes these folks to stop playing, no matter what drama they gin up in corp forums, I personally think they do EVE a real service.

In closing, I'll only add that 1) For all we know, FinFleet or another of GS's historical enemies is running a psy op through Eurogamer. Stranger schemes have been hatched at Fanfest. And 2) If CCP kicks The Mittani, it'd be a huge loss to a CSM that's just starting to find relevance.

He has posted an apology, please report the whole truth:
"This has been hanging over my head since Thursday when I stumbled away from the Alliance Panel with a vague sense that I had done something horrible. I didn't know the extent of how much of a shitheel I had been until today, when footage of the presentation went up. As many of you now know, I gave out the in-game character name of a Mackinaw miner if anyone had wanted to blow him up - except that I was so smashed that I didn't recall exactly what I said (as anyone who was there can tell you). When I came to the forums the other day and saw threads complaining about my behavior - not remembering what I'd said - I assumed that I was enduring the usual anti-Goonswarm trolls, and posted something like "deal with it~" in my usual "The Mittani" way.

Then I landed, and saw the article listing my actual quote.


I feel absolutely ashamed of my behavior at the Alliance Panel. It's one thing to play a villain in an online roleplaying game - when I post on these forums or on twitter, I usually do so as 'The Mittani', and do my level best to convince everyone that I'm an unrepentant space villain, as that kind of facade provides an in-game advantage to me and my alliance. But I am not that character in real life, as anyone who has met me can attest. I went way, way, /way/ past the line on Thursday night by mocking the Mackinaw miner at a real-life event. I, as a person, am not the entity that I play in EVE; I am not actually a sociopath or a sadist, and I certainly don't want people to kill themselves in real life over an internet spaceship game, no matter what I may say or do within the game itself. CCP may say 'EVE is Real', but EVE is not real - and the line between the game and reality should not be overstepped.

I'm relieved to discover that the Mackinaw miner is doing fine and mining away, despite being blown up by Goonswarm in-game. He deserves, and he has, my heartfelt apologies - here in public as well as a private apology. There's no excuse for what I did - while some might try to use my inebriation as a mitigating factor, I put myself in that compromised mental state, and the guilt of that is entirely mine.

If I could go back in time and not have included the slide mentioning the miner, I would do so. While the Eve Online character "The Mittani" would never apologize for any sort of villany in game, I myself, as Alex Gianturco, feel utterly ashamed and sickened by my behavior."

This is appalling at every level. If this event was the norm for CCP, they should be ashamed. This person should be removed form any position of authority, and even CCP should be reprimanded. Preying on others just to see "tears" is not a game-style, its immoral. And the fact that CCP has a panel that is just there to one up other players in that style is ridiculous.

And once again, the true nature of "best MMOG community" is revealed. I played Eve-Online for years and actions like this are the norm at Eve-Online. Blatant sexual harassment (of those few female players who dare play the game !), blatant racial harassment, basically any kind of blatant harassment... As long as you don't dare to call one of CCP's Special Friend Players as "no-life nerd" or similar, at which case you get a warning extremely quickly and a temporary ban soon after. I repeatedly saw players get away with harassment that would have been equivalent of calling Asian players as "bunch of f*ing rice-eating g**ks", so CCP's comments about "not condoning harassment" are pure hypocrisy and a desperate attempt to wash their hands about this incident.
Hopefully this incident will help MMOG players to realize what kind of losers Eve-Online community is full of. Attempting to hide behind in-game character "I'm a villain in-game but I wouldn't do such things in RL" is plain pathetic when other comments make it absolutely clear that it is about causing grief and misery to other players.
"The best MMOG community" indeed.

After the uproar his excuse was that he was drunk and did not mean it. I wonder what TTH is going to do with this wonderful paragon who writes for them?

other people have been permanently banned for much far less. Since its very common for eve players to play drunk, should the other banned people have their claim revised cos they were drunk too? Thats is so bs....
He should step down at least for the year. He is lucky he may not get a perma ban thought.

The Mittani can keep writing for us as long as he likes. We asked him to start the SoSS series because of his unique insights into a side of the game few see, not for what he or his alliance does in-game. That's for CCP to police or not police as they see fit.

Watch the whole video, then judge. Sick and tired of people making comments without actually WATCHING THE DAMN VIDEO. I cant stand the Mittani but even I know that this was taken out of context. Yes he went to far but the mittani did apologise. The dude he mentioned posted on forums SAYING HE THOUGHT THE WHOLE THING WAS KIND OF FUNNY.

Guys get your facts before listening to media hysterics...and to be honest I am suprised at TTH, I know you guys let your bloggers do what they want, but this is jumping on a bandwagon without facts.

p.s stop making me stick up for a man i do not like. It annoys me. I am first to smack talk when he does something wrong. But in this case he was just a drunken idiot who said something stupid. The "victim" doesnt care, he apologised. What the hell has it got to do with all of you?

This is so silly. Some terrible, terrible hisec carebear got his feelings all hurt because his pixels were interfered with. Lame, lame, lame. This guy has no place in a game like EVE and we should all be happy to see him go. EVE is not WoW or EQ2 or some candy-ass game where your hand gets held and everyone gets Welfare Epics and raid finders so that even the most droolingest of morons can do whatever they want, this is a "rip off your head and poo down your neck hole" kind of game. Mr. Mackinaw Miner should realize that his carebear tears are like food to people like the Goons and TEST.

Sorry can't have your cake and eat it too.

Sure in RL you may never act this way amongst non-eve players....but obviously your behavior in real life at this event which was real life demonstrates a lot about your character.

I don't care if there are thousands of trolls ready to comment and call any naysayer a care bear....try defending him in RL on camera....This is of course what I expected of you and is the reason I would never vote for you. I would say your smugness and attitude is obvious, and when it comes to in game harassment that has now spilled into the outside world you deserve anything they throw at you. I'd be happy letting you sit the next term on CSM, but a great punishment would be the removal of your title as chairman, letting someone with a bit more integrity take the role.

Right on cue, the Goonswarm zombies shamble along to defend their Glorious Leader. By spinning conspiracy theories that paint the victim as the aggressor. You know that's what rapists do? Blame the victim? You Goons are wonderful people.

As for Mittens himself, let's just say "in vino veritas": in wine, truth. An ugly truth, but one that has thankfully been exposed sooner rather than later. CCP's only option - if they want to keep the faith of their players - is to remove Mittens and forbid him from ever holding a CSM position again.

So long, Alex. Guess you won't be able to claim credit for others' endeavours anymore, nor twist CCP's arm to have the game "rebalanced" in a way that benefits Goonswarm. Can't say we'll miss you.

Well of course they paint the victim as the aggressor.. thats why they call themselves GoonWaffe... this kind of behavior is written in the history books. They might aswell have gone as far as to call themselves the Waffen Schutzstaffel.

I friggin love EVE and how all this drama plays out. What a cut-throat world with no holds barred. It's brilliant.

Of course it's the same reason I can't play the game, my plushie carebear paws can't type in nulsec space. I'm the one The Mitt would making fun of and I would deserve it, but I know that and everyone playing the game knows that too. When you play EVE, you can expect to be podded, robbed, swindled, exploited and overall abused.

Anything else would be civilized.

He should be removed from his position immediately.

I'm not going to put a "wall of text" here.... im a EVE player for 4 years.. i find his actions and words to be appalling....

he may not be an "official" CCP Employee... that is a moot point. he was on a panel in a building with at a minimum im sure of 100 CCP employees.

with a CCP moderator "employeee" not even 5 foot away.. mittani should be stripped of his csm title... and i fell banned from EVE online period...

why you ask?

A: it's only a game

B: it's not ok ever to condone or entice others to entice a person to kill themselves....

Time for my OpED.
  Mittani is just a bully (albeit an intelligent one) who is a drunk on his power as much as he is drunk on the icelandic beer.  He only enjoys this elevated status because he commands the goonswarm, which make up a large percentage of the eve population.  Now this isn't a jab at goons in general, as there are many of them who are quite intelligent and stand up folks, but this loyalty and mentality of superiority which has grown out of their brotherhood in the Internet forum "something awful" and then carried over to their large virtual game presence in Second Life is a strong force in EVE mostly due to their ability to stick together and act as a single group with a single purpose, and because of this CCP, for fear of angering them, have turned the blind eye to them in the past fearing a backlash or worse, mass exodus from the game. 

Well I think this is unlikely, for as long as EVE remains the best MMO sandbox game out there, there is no place for the goons to go, to terrorize next.  Besides, I honestly believe they like it in EvE and they need EVE more than they may let on, with their constant jibs at those who take the game too seriously.  Cyber bullies need a place to bully, and eve is the best forum out there for them to do so.   So long as they keep it in game, I'm fine with it.  But it is sad that in a population of 300000 subscribers the only capable leader is a leader of a bully gang. This just echos what CCP is starting to realize, they need fresh subscribers to the game. When the largest demographics in the population are a brotherhood of bullies and people who "take the game too seriously" you have a problem. 

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