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EVE Online Adding Implant Reports to Killmails

Posted Thu, Oct 20, 2011 by Martuk

CCP announced big changes to EVE Online with the upcoming winter expansion, but the update will also be adding another measurement tool for players to see just how bad they hurt their enemies. In a new dev blog, CCP Masterplan revealed the addition of fitted implants to Killmails, allowing players to see what implants an unfortunate victim blown to bits in the cold of space had equipped. The blog is relatively short, but it gives a glimpse at what the new details will look like and offers a little information for Killboard developers.

If you’re a killboard or application developer, you’ll want to pay attention to how the implant list is going to appear.  For killmails copied from the client, the format will be similar to the destroyed items list for regular ship killmails.  Each implant will be listed under the Destroyed items: section, with an (Implant) marker (similar to how some items in a ship kill have a (Cargo) or (Drone Bay) marker now).  This is to enable a clear distinction between implants carried as cargo in a ship, and implants fitted to a capsule’s pilot.

The new change will be hitting Singularity for testing sometime next week and is scheduled to arrive on Tranquility with the winter expansion.

Source: My Brain was Equipped with the Following Implants

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