EVE Online Teams Reorganize and Announce More Crucible 1.1 Features

CCP reassigns EVE Online teams for more ship work and announces new features set to arrive later this month.

CCP has disbanded two of EVE OnlineÂ’s development teams -Team Best Friends Forever and Pink Zombie Kittens. The good news out of all of this is that the reason for the disbanding is an increase in the number of developers making ships, prompting the need for a reorganizing of the teams, which are now the newly reformed Team Super Friends, Team Game of Drones and Team Five 0.

As part of the transition, Team Pink Zombie Kittens made a final features push that should arrive with the Crucible 1.1 update on January 24th and includes a re-balancing of Null ammo, changes to CPU cap shield transfers, rebalanced assault ships, Crucible module buffs, UI tweaks and a lot more. Read the full blog for all the details.

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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