EVE Online's Crucible Expansion Deploys Tomorrow

EVE Online's flying in space game gets some love tomorrow with the release of the Crucible expansion.
EVE Online players are nothing if not persuasive. Following the controversy surrounding the Incarna expansion launch and the subsequent Monoclegate, the players took to rioting in Jita and calling out CCP for neglecting the core aspect of what makes EVE so popular, the space game. CCP eventually took a few steps back and refocused their efforts into delivering a space-based expansion to EVE, something that many feel has been long overdue.

Tomorrow the new expansion is set to go live and deliver a host of new features and changes to the flying in space game of EVE. You can check out all the latest changes on the Crucible features page and patch notes during a bit of the lengthy downtime tomorrow as Crucible is deployed to Tranquility.

If you're looking to get a few pointers on the new expansion, be sure to check out Space Junkies new Crucible expansion guide.

Source: EVE Online Crucible Expansion Deployment Announcement

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