EVE Players Get Control of Their Own Captain's Quarters Video Content

EVE Online players get a new big screen television for Captain’s Quarters and full control of their own video content.
Some crafty EVE Online players managed to figure out a way to get their own video to stream in-game a couple of weeks back and while some devs would patch the discovery up and write it off as a bug, CCP decided to keep it and allow players to convert and  play their own video.

In a new dev blog, CCP Optimal explains in three easy steps how EVE players can convert their videos and watch them on their new “hundred-and-something inch flat screen television" in EVE'sCaptain’s Quarters.

  • Download the BINK(.BIK) video conversion tool from here: http://www.radgametools.com/down/Bink/RADTools.exe. Using this tool, you should be able to convert most of your videos to BINK format, which is the industry standard when it comes to video playback in videogames. I recommend starting the first conversion process straight away since it may take a while.
  • Locate your EVE cache folder by following the guide found here: http://support.eveonline.com/Pages/KB/Article.aspx?id=371. Create a folder under your cache folder called “CQScreenVideos” if it doesn’t already exist.
  • Once a video has been converted to BINK format, copy it to the “CQScreenVideos” folder.

CCP would also like to make it clear that if your “cat” happens to step on your controls and put some morally hazardous content on your screen, you’ll need to take it up with the cat and not them.

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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