EVE: Templar One Release Date Announced

The third novel based on the EVE Online universe will be available in January and tells the backstory of DUST 514.

CCP has announced that the third novel based on EVE Online will his bookstores in early January with the release of EVE: Templar One. The new novel will reveal the backstory of the next game entry into the EVE universe, DUST 514, and will also serve as a sequel to the EVE: Empyrean Age novel.

The story is written by Tony Gonzales and is a story about ordinary people that get thrust into extraordinary situations. EVE: Templar One also tells the story of the rise of the first immortal soldiers, the first incarnation of what will evolve into the soldiers that players will become in DUST 514.

Read the full post from Tony Gonzales for more. EVE: Templar One will arrive in bookstores January 3rd, 2012.

Source: EVE: Templar One Announcement
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