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New EVE Skin Color Options Coming with Inferno

Posted Wed, May 16, 2012 by Martuk

CCP is headed back to character appearance tweaking for EVE Online. The Inferno expansion slated for release later this month will add new skin color options for players to choose from for their characters.

We are adding 14 new skin colors, and they will replace the old skin colors in the color wheel in the character creator and the resculpting mode of the re-customization. All the bloodlines share the same color options, except the bloodlines with the fairest skin, but they will not have the two darkest options available. That restriction was added because we didn't feel the darkest colors looked quite right on those bloodlines. Don't worry though; there are still dark colors available for them.

EVE players will be given the option to go back and make changes to their character via a “free resculpt” once the update goes live to explore the new options.

Source: EVE Dev blog – New Skin Color Options


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