BlizzCon 2013 - Warcraft Movie Concept Art and Character Reveals

Posted Sun, Nov 10, 2013 by Mem

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The World of Warcraft Movie has been in the works for, quite literally, years. Now, finally, it seems we are finally pushing forward with filming set for sometime in the near future and the release date just a little over two years away. So of course we were looking forward to sitting down for the Warcraft Movie Presentation panel and learning all the we could.

Headed up by movie director Duncan Jones, we fully expected some sort of big reveals. Especially considering the reveals that happened at Comic Con. I mean, fans at BlizzCon deserve something special too right? To say the least, we weren't disappointed with two reveals happening during the panel.

World of Warcraft Movie Concept Art

One of the items revealed at the BlizzCon Panel was four pieces of concept art for the movie. Sure, these aren't actual scenes for the movie, but these items are the starting point for just that. To say the least, these look pretty fantastic and really bring already beautiful places of World of Warcraft to a whole new level. See them for yourself:


Dalaran Concept Art


Draenor Concept Art


Ironforge Concept Art


Stormwind Concept Art

World of Warcraft Movie Character Reveal

As you might have guessed, Duncan Jones and the other panelists were pretty tight-lipped about most things concerning the movie. With filming not even started yet, they just aren't ready to let many details out to the public. However, after some gentle prodding, Jones did reveal two of the main characters of the Warcraft Movie as well as some other small, but important, details.

The Warcraft Movie will be an origin story of the first contact between Orcs and Humans. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the two main characters that were revealed as definite parts of the movie were none other than Durotan, father to Thrall, and Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, and the last true descendent of the ancient Arathi bloodline.While not much more was said, perhaps by going back to the lore, we may be able get an idea of what other characters will be joining Durotan and Lothar, as well as some locations. So get to brushing up on your lore and let your imagination run wild!

While the Warcraft Movie Panel only gave up two reveals, they were pretty exciting ones. What do you think about the movie reveals? Does the concept art do the Warcraft universe justice? What other characters or locations do you want to see in the movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

I'd like to see a movie that goes into more details about the raising of Thrall by his Humans, see the events that occurred that caused Dalaran to be the floating city it is today, and the events that caused the re-splintering of the Horde and the Alliance realms, shortly after the Burning Legion were safely defeated again.

I'm interested in seeing the efforts of Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall, and the history behind the crumbled walls that mar Silvermoon(As in, why is it all beat up? WHY is it still a "no-fly" area?) What events caused the emerald dream tree to become a giant city base for the night elves?

Also, considering the new Warlord expansion, I now want to know, What is up with the Neru and the Drainei? How did these two powers, meet up?

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