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Come check out some of the amazing information released in the World of Warcraft Classes/Items/Professions Panel. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

When tuning into the World of Warcraft classes, items, and professions panel one can assume that it will be packed with tons of information, covering a board range of subjects. Throw a new expansion into the mix and the panel becomes an infusion of information that you can barely wrap your head around.

Because of the range of topics this panel managed to cover everything from Noggenfogger Elixir to how exactly Monk healing will eventually play out in game. the panel one thing was very clear; almost every player had a different topic on their mind and only rarely did the next question follow down the same subject line, leaving this panel to feel like some kind of crazy rollercoaster ride. But despite the insane feel, there was much information to be gleaned.

Below you will find some the questions and answers that really stuck out above the rest:

Class Questions

Is Blizzard satisfied with the state of PvP healing?

The short answer here is no, Blizzard is currently not pleased with the state of PvP healing. They feel that while it started out strong in the beginning of Cataclysm it has slowly degenerated. The problems lies in the challenge of balancing PvP and PvE healing, while also being sure that they avoid buffing abilities that will require PvP teams to bring along certain comps to win. While they are working on this problem (as seen in the recent buff to Mortal Strike) they do not feel the problem has been fixed, nor do they have a clear idea on how to fix it. So PvP healers, keep on doing what you do and perhaps sometime in the future you will finally have a solution.

Will an 11th Slot be added to the character screen?

Ah the dreams of alt lovers everywhere, enough room to have all their toons on the same realm. While this question has always been posed, it has once again been pushed to the forefront because of the addition of a new class. Apparently Blizzard has heard our cries, and the panel acknowledged this was a valid concern and even offered a possible solution of keeping a cap on the number of characters one could have, but allowing the individual to distribute those characters on whichever realm they pleased. Don’t get your hopes up so far, the panel was sure to throw in that there were no promises that this change or any other change would be made in this department.

Will some talents in the new talent system still manage to come out on top?

While the new talent system looks promising, some feel that number crunching can still be done to determine the clear winner making this new talent system more of the same. The panel pointed out that very few of the talents had actual numbers to crunch, instead talents in the new system tend to focus on useful abilities that could be better or worse depending on the situation and player preference. If any talents do manage to become “overpowered” they will hastily be knocked down to size to become comparable to the other talents in the tier.

How does Monk healing work?

When Monks enter their healing stance their Chi will automatically change to mana and this is the resource Monks will use to cast their healing spells. But don’t think that the Monk is a typical healer. Monks do not have to target anyone to heal, instead they rely on proximity. Not to mention the Monks ability to not only DPS the boss but heal players while they do it giving us the impression that perhaps the Monk has the potential to bring a new refreshing feel to a healing class.


The panel!

Items Questions

Will Blizzard be allowing players to mount while under the effects of Noggenfogger Elixir?

Sorry for those who are fans of the skeleton look, Blizzard has no plans at all to make mounting while shape shifted available while under the effects of this elixir or any other. The reasoning? Doing so would cause more bugs than its worth and one of the things that make consumables like this fun is that they are consumable and only last for a short period.

Will there be any legendary love for those classes who have in the past been left out?

While I would love for this question to be a resounding yes, since I think every class eventually deserves a shot at a legendary, Blizzard sadly doesn’t feel the same, but they aren’t ruling it totally out. The deal is, if a legendary for a class manages to fit into the storyline, then it will totally be put into the game. So don’t give up hope yet for that shiny orange piece of awesomeness to grace your character just yet!


The Monk class offers a new style of healing.

Profession Questions

Any plans to revamp Engineering?

We all know Engineering is currently a less than impressive profession, and thankfully Blizzard feels the same way. Based on the answer given by the panel there is tons in store for the Engineering profession. The bad news? We will have to wait till 5.0 or beyond to see it.

Will there be any new Enchanting patterns in the near future?

Sorry Enchanters…there are currently no plans for any new drops for your profession. Blizzard feels that the enchant spectrum is currently pretty full and that right now new enchants just aren’t needed. But its not all bad news, the panel did mention that in the future more may drop to keep Enchanters busy and more pleased with their profession.

These are just a few of the awesome questions and answers experienced at the panels, but based on what we’ve heard I think its safe to say that players have a lot to look forward to in the future near and far. What are your thoughts on the information provided above? Please feel free to leave your responses below!

2 questions.
1st. Will leatherworkers get any fun items like pets or mounts
And 2 will there be a cap on to how much items on he auction house will be sold for. ex a mount sold for a min of 1c. And a single copper ore sold for 3k gold. I think it will help keep the economy in check :P

No cap on AH. If they had that it would be a guaranteed max price on everything. This isn't Runescape's Grand Exchange.

Yeah i guess your right. Im just sick of seeing people put copper ore on there for 10k and then a mount for 5g :P

Pvp healing problems,buff the damage of healers.Simple?Possibly the worst situations could be avoided or nullified by using your dps if a heal isn't necessary to defend a node or kill a flag carrier.Priests have this big downfall of lack of ccs,lack of damage,and little to no avoidance to sustain the pummeling,spell steal,silence,and stuns that are thrown at them.They endure countless attacks like most healers but have no speed to run away or res in combat.Most healers get a kill on sight bullseye in pvp and the ccs come one after another,buffing damage may reduce the onslaught of players' attacks distinctly those with low health.Mind control ha lose it for all I care,it's only really used consistently by pvpers but in my opinion worthless in group attacks because there's no immunity or resistance from damage while channeling.Interrupts?Ha one psychic scream on a 3 min cd gives little benefit to the pvp world.Seeing as healers get ccd the most,a counter cc or immunity would help.

But I'd like to do a little more damage for soloing and compromised situations.A minion or pet to help with aggro from the stronger dps classes' pets/minions because Shadowfiend doesn't proc nearly enough to avoid the spider,imp,elemental,and DK minion assaults that make Arena healing more trouble than it's worth.

At least shamans and druids have better survivability abilities.And leave the OP pali alone ffs.Palidans are hard enough to kill as it is,and their stuns and damage output are far superior in pvp.Priest damage buff,lessen gcds for ccs,and give a nerf to pet/minion attacks in battlegrounds and arenas...or exempt the pet from arenas and nerf em in a BG.Sometimes the relentless attacks on healers are a defensive drawback for coordination and objectives when they can't heal the party and the party can't provide ultimate healer protection.So something has got to give.Buff shield and or protection spells give 50% less dmg under barrier or 50% more to enemies under it.IDK just a few thoughts,I like healing and want more pvp healers in my guild.Help the Healer!!!! If you can't will you please buff priest holy/disc damage to compensate for new content.No reason to cast 3 spells that barely do the damage of one...with my gearscore Mind Blast in shadow 60k crit in Disc not even half that.Same spell but less effective for survivability as a healer soloing.

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