World of Warcraft BlizzCon 2011 Open Q&A Panel Analysis

Posted Sun, Oct 23, 2011 by Xerin

There were a lot of good questions and almost an equal number of not so good questions asked at this year’s World of Warcraft Open Q&A panel at BlizzCon. There was a lot of interesting tidbits released by Blizzard during the panel and some of it may have a major impression on future gameplay.

Below you’ll find a summary of the questions asked (not word for word) along with the answers Blizzard gave and our own commentary on what their response means.

Will there be a change to the difficulty between 10 and 25 player raids, hopefully increasing 10 player raid’s difficulty? Will we ever see 10 & 20 player raids?

Blizzard gave a non-answer to the first question, stating that Korea finds 10 man raids to be the hardcore ones. The second question was answered with a resounding no. This means that we can expect the numbers to stay the same, but the difficulty, as always, will probably be a per patch basis.

Will spectator mode be added to World of Warcraft?

They answered yes, but anytime soon. An answer like that means we could see something like this during a downtime between expansions when they’re looking to push some kind of “hook” to pull players in until they have more substantial content.

Will there be more options to the guild leader’s UI to give other players more control over the guild?

This is where another answer was a “maybe” for a lot of reasons. First, let’s say you give officers control over who can use the guild bank and one of the officers go rogue, then Blizzard will need to go in and fix it even if the guild leader gave him permission.

If you’re a guild leader and if this is ever implemented, be sure to check out PlayerScore so you can see who you can and can’t trust in your guild.

Will epic (purple) items be replaced with uncommon (green) items on the first day of Mists of Pandaria?

The answer was, of course, yes. They also talked about adding in more features so you can track your progress during the last expansion, but with dating on achievements and the general apathy people have with that sort of thing I wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon.

How will Draenei and Blood Elves become Monks?

They said it’ll be like they always were Monks, so we can always just guess that it’ll be business as usual in the starting flavor text. They shoehorned in Goblins / Worgens into classes, so it wouldn’t be hard to just assume these races were always Monks from the start.

Will Hunters get a way to remove the Wyvern Sting DoT so they can crowd control better?

We won’t be seeing this in 4.3 but 5.0 will probably change a lot of the talents. I can only guess this is something they’ll look at during the expansion.

The Wind Shear change wasn’t designed to hurt enhancement shamans, but most enhancement shamans don’t put points into the Reverberation talent, and it also hurts Restoration Shamans, any plans to fix this?

They said that the cooldown increase of Wind Shear shouldn’t hurt people in Raids, because there are enough people with interrupts. PvP may force you to make the choice, but it’s still an interrupt, just a longer cooldown.

Does blizzard hate enhancement shamans? Their DPS sucks, in PvP they suck, any plans to fix that?

They admitted this was a problem, just like how frost mages don’t do well in PvE, but the difference is, they said, is that you can’t tell an enhancement shaman “hey just go elemental”, because enhancement gear doesn’t support that spec.  In PvP it will be much easier in 5.0, but for PvE they said they were going to address some of the issues in 4.3.

Any plans for Illidan to come back?

They asked us, if we wanted Illidan to come back? And that they will think about that.

Does blizzard want combat rogues to use cooldowns more often? Or hold off until 30% and use all of their cooldowns at once?

They told us to follow the guidance from Restless Blades.

Are we going to see the guild name change service in patch 4.3 or 5.0? And will it fall to the wayside like Dance Studios did?

They said that they are going to release the new guild services within two weeks, and that they will release Dance Studios one day, and it will be fantastic.

Blizzards design in Mists of Pandaria suggests that we will need to be bringing more healers into 25 man raids, because there is a new healing class as monk healer, and 25 man guilds will usually have two people per class. Is there going to be an increase of healers needed for raids?

The answer was no, they do not think they will change the number of healers needed for a raid.

Will challenge modes put us under the hit cap or affect core stats when the gear is tuned down?

They said that there are some details to work out, but people should be able to do the same DPS and healing as everyone else, and all classes should be affected the same way by the gear.

Are we going to see account bound mounts?

Hopefully someday, they said. They don’t think it will happen in 5.0 but somewhere down the line is likely.

Can we have an option to require authentication on login every time?

This feature will be added soon, because it’s something a lot of people would want if they play at home and don’t want their little brother to snag some time on their account. Here is a neat trick, did you know as a parent you can use the authenticator as a way to keep your kid off of WoW as another layer beyond the parental controls?

What are your plans for the Moonkin form?

They said they are going to update the art on the moonkin form as they see fit. And that it’s too early to tell what they will exactly be doing.

Race changing breaks quest progress for some quests, any plans to fix this?

Seems like they might white list important quests, but I doubt this will see much attention in the future.

Will we see account bound items transferable across / account wide?

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