Nexon's Chris Gyselinck on Vindictus - An Exclusive Ten Ton Hammer E3 Q&A

Posted Tue, Jun 22, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

At E3 2010, Ten Ton Hammer had a chance to look over Vindictus, the upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMOG developed by Korean publisher Nexon. Vindictus boasts some interesting features such as fully destructible environments and dungeons that change each time you enter them. Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Nexon's Chris Gyselinck over some cool mead to get some answers about this intriguing game.

Ten Ton Hammer: At launch, Lann and Fiona will be the only two characters available?

Chris Gyselinck: Yes, they’ll be the two characters at launch. Evy will be added shortly after that. She’s my favorite character. I like playing mages and using spells and she’s got some pretty cool spells. You saw the golem that she creates using stuff from the environment.

TTH: With the environment, will that change with differences in the environment?

Chris: Yeah, it depends upon what is on the ground. If you try to create one in an area where there’s not a lot of stuff, you might just have one or two things created.

Ten Ton Hammer: So it’s not just looks, but the environment also affects the power as well?

Chris: Yes it does. The golem is pretty tough; he’s a good asset.

Vindictus Screenshot

Ten Ton Hammer: We know Lann is dual wield while Fiona is sword and shield. What are the principal differences between the two? Is Lann more attack oriented and Fiona more defensive?

Chris: Actually, it kind of goes against the stereotype. Fiona is almost stronger than Lann, but Lann is faster. He has combos that involve his dash a lot, so he’ll dash into a combo. While she (Fiona) can pull her shield up to block or use it to bash. When it gets to special moves, he’s got some buffs for the whole party while she has stuff to repair her shield or use it to make a really heavy shield attack. They have a lot of different strategies. She’s slower, but not a lot slower than Lann, but when she connects, she does more damage.

Ten Ton Hammer: Do these skills and combos use some kind of power? Is there some kind of power gauge?

Chris: It’s a stamina thing.

Ten Ton Hammer: We didn’t get a chance to look at the UI. Is it pretty minimalist?

Chris: There’s just a bar on top for your health and another bar for your stamina. There’s a bar that shows your teammates’ health. There are some item slots at the very top and a chat window on the bottom, and that’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty slim UI.

Ten Ton Hammer: We saw a little bit of the ship. I’m guessing that’s your training area to familiarize yourself with the controls?

Chris: That’s actually where you can party up before going into a dungeon. You can have some fun there; you saw everyone throwing pumpkins around. There’s a town, where you do most of your RPG type of thing, and from the town, you go to the docks. There, you can join a boat or create a boat, and then the boat will take you to the dungeon.

Ten Ton Hammer: We know crafting is going to be a big thing in the game. From what I remember, there isn’t a lot of loot in the game. You pretty much develop everything you have over time. Is that the case?

Chris: You do get a lot of loot, but most of the loot that you pick up is components of what you’re going to craft. Some of it is usable, but most of it is stuff that you’ll take to the town where there’s different NPCs who have different crafting specialties. You’ll use the components you loot, plus you can buy stuff from the NPC, such as armor, that’ll already be crafted.

Ten Ton Hammer: So it’s the NPCs doing the crafting, not necessarily the players?

Chris: The NPCs are where you go to do the crafting, but you’re really the one doing it. Even though you have to use the NPCs, it’s based upon your skills and knowledge. So, when you finish something, it’ll say…I can’t remember any NPC names right now, so let’s call him Jim…when you learn something new, it’ll say Jim learned how to craft that item. While they’re technically the ones doing the crafting, it’s based on you learning it. It’s basically the player doing it, but for story elements, it’s presented as the NPCs are the ones doing it.

Ten Ton Hammer: What other sources of RPG elements are going to be found in the town?

Chris: Well, there are different types of quests and there’s going to be some fun, non-combat type activities, which we haven’t revealed yet, so I can’t say exactly what they are. That’s also where you’ll do a lot of your leveling up and learning your skills. You can buy skill books. Once you have the skill book, you can level the skill up, but you have to buy it from the town.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there anything the players can do interactively together, even if it’s a silly thing?

Chris: Absolutely. In the town is where you’re going to see all the different players. There’s marketplaces for player to player trading, there’s message boards, and in the future, we will have PvP, but not at launch.

Ten Ton Hammer: Like an arena style PvP?

Chris: We have a few different modes. Of course, we’re going to have some of the typical ones, and some that are a little bit different from what you expect, which are kind of fun. As I said, they won’t be available at launch, but they’ll be coming shortly.

Ten Ton Hammer: So, with two characters, how will players differentiate themselves from one another?

Chris: First, they’re very customizable in their looks.


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