E3 2011: Trion Worlds Reveals New DEFIANCE Trailer

Trion Worlds has unveiled a new E3 2011 trailer for its upcoming MMOG in cooperation with Syfy, DEFIANCE.
E3 2011 has yielded a lot of juicy information and the event isn't even officially underway yet. Trion Worlds is looking to repeat their success with RIFT and today took the first step in doing so by unleashing a new trailer for their upcoming MMOG, DEFIANCE.

DEFIANCE is an MMOG created in cooperation with Syfy and will for the first time utilize both an MMOG and a television show that will be interdependent on each other. Events in one will influence events in the other, creating some interesting possibilities for the merging of two entertainment mediums. Check out the full trailer on the official DEFIANCE website.

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