E3 2013: New World of Warplanes Screenshots Take Aim at Open Beta

Wargaming rolls out a fresh batch of new screenshots from E3 for the upcoming World of Warplanes open beta.

Wargaming officially set the date for the World of Warplanes open beta for July 2nd earlier today. World of Warplanes is one of several games being showcased by Wargaming at this yearÂ’s event and our ground team is on-hand at E3 2013 to bring you all the latest news from the event on WargamingÂ’s full lineup as well as many others.

In the meantime, enjoy this fresh new batch of screenshots for World of Warplanes straight out of E3 2013 and stay tuned to our E3 2013 feed for more news from the Ten Ton Hammer ground team.

WoWP_Warplanes_Combat_01 WoWP_Renders_Germany_BF110E_02 WoWP_Renders_Germany_BF110E_03
WoWP_Renders_Germany_BF110E_04 WoWP_Renders_Germany_BF110E_05 WoWP_Renders_Germany_BF110E_06

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