Storybricks Teases Big News Following EverQuest Next Reveal

Storybricks dangles the promise of big news and reveals following SOE’s debut of EverQuest Next on August 2nd.

The latest newsletter from the Storybricks team arrived today to tease big news coming at SOE Live 2013. The Storybricks team announced their involvement with the EverQuest Next development back in April, and while they can’t discuss what they have planned following the game’s reveal on August 2nd, the newsletter does promise “announcements and reveals galore” once SOE lifts the veil on EverQuest Next.

The Ten Ton Hammer team headed out to Las Vegas today to prep for their coverage of SOE Live this weekend. Keep up with the latest news, reveals, and livestreams from Ten Ton Hammer this weekend on EQHammer and in our SOE Live 13 section.

Source: Storybricks Newsletter

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