Anniversary and Future Content Detailed in Fallen Earth's September State of the Game

Posted Wed, Sep 21, 2011 by Martuk

Fallen Earth’s second anniversary is upon us and this week’s State of the Game tells us what festivities and new content is planned. September is quickly coming to a close and the launch of Fallen Earth free-to-play is just around the corner. But before we look that far ahead there’s still the matter of the game’s second anniversary this month and the devs have a planned festivities for fans to enjoy as the game turns two.

In her new State of the Game, Fallen Earth’s Marie Croall details the planned live event currently referred to as Faction War, which will give players a chance to compete in PvP, PvE and RP events to earn an item that will show their faction loyalty. The events will be run at friendly times for both NA and EU players and the devs will be hanging around to celebrate throughout the day following the events.

Croall also delves into the September patch changes that will include the first part of their Economic changes. This will include changes to crafting and item and node rarity. Additional changes to the economy and the World Event system will follow the free-to-play switch next month.

Source: Fallen Earth September State of the Game

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