Faction Changes Detailed in New Fallen Earth Dev Blog

By Stacy Jones -
Fallen Earth Lead Designer Marie "Aro Sei" Croall has posted a new developer blog outlining several changes to the way factions work for the Territory Control system. The changes will make it a little clearer of who might attack you when you enter into contested territory by removing the shoulder factions and allowing players to choose a single Fallen Earth faction to declare their allegiance to and earn points with.

Players will still have the option to take missions from any of the three factions, but theyÂ’ll only belong to one, which will control their access to PvP objectives, merchants, missions and faction channels. You can still change factions if you want, but itÂ’s not meant to be a simple process.

Additionally, Faction Friendly Fire will be eliminated with the exception of Clan Wars, Bloodsports and dueling.

Source: Fallen Earth Developer Blog

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