Fallen Earth Dev Blog Details Economy Fixes Through Crafting Changes

Posted Wed, Aug 24, 2011 by Martuk

The Fallen Earth team is looking to fix the in-game economy and this week Producer Marie Croall has posted a new blog detailing how the team aims to accomplish that goal. Crafting is a fundamental part of building a healthy gaming economy and the devs have some plans to adjust crafting recipes and needed components to make common recipes easier to craft and rarer recipes…well, rare.

As we changed rarity in components we also adjusted how they were used in recipes. Generally speaking, basic recipes will only use common components, intermediate recipes will use common and uncommon components, and advanced recipes will use common, uncommon and rare components. While this will alter existing recipes, it will give more value to recipes that SHOULD be more valuable while making all basic recipes easier to craft than more advanced ones.

The changes are intended to strengthen the game's economy by adjusting the way items are crafted and how often components needed to make specific items drop. Along with the changes, buffs from crafted consumables are also getting another look to ensure players are getting enough virtual bang for their virtual buck.  Check out the full blog for all the latest post-apocalyptic economic details.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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