Fallen Earth World Events and Territory Control Detailed in New Dev Blog

Posted Mon, Oct 31, 2011 by Martuk

Things around Fallen Earth are about to change big and for the better. A new developer blog has been released just in time for Halloween and delves more into the upcoming World Events system and Faction Territory Control feature.

The World Events feature is Fallen Earth’s answer to dynamic content and is a robust set of tools that will allow the devs to craft a number of different kinds of dynamic events anywhere in the Fallen Earth world for players to engage in. Currently there are three basic kinds of events – Node, Attack and Effect.

Node events spawn harvest nodes at a random location. Attack events can spawn a creatures in a random area or creatures that attack a specific point. They can spawn creatures in waves, as regular generators with a respawn time, or all at once. Effect events can apply an effect to all players, all NPCs, or just certain NPCs. This could be used to temporarily lower merchant prices in a town (Social debuff on merchants), start a disease spreading, or give all players in an area a buff.

There’s also a more advanced Fallen Earth World Event called Goal, which can have five different goals to complete and are easily the most complex and difficult to make.

If PvP and conquering new territory is more your thing fear not. The new Territory Control system is also on the way to Fallen Earth. The Territory Control feature allows factions to fight for control of thirteen different control points and Keeps. Keeps will feature destructible doors and walls that can be upgraded and reinforced by the controlling faction.

Taking control of one of Fallen Earth’s 13 points will grant you a buff that will improve with each additional point that you control up to four. Gaining control of a point will grant access to the real useful stuff – resources.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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