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There are several ways to get around in the wasteland.
There are several ways to get around in the wasteland. Unfortunately, there are no chauffeurs or bus drivers, so most survivors find themselves traveling by foot or horse, but all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and interceptors are popular choices if you’re willing to spend a little extra time scavenging for some fuel. And let’s not forget the ability to take off on a massive, trained Blight Wolf.  But resources are scare and the wasteland is vast (1700 sq km to be certain). In the apocalypse, survivors seem to be late to the party more often than not and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer those requests for a faster mode of travel.

fallen earth LifeNet pod location

This first iteration of a (limited) fast travel system is similar to the bus stops used on the Public Test Server—a system that transports clones from a LifeNet Transporter to one of three additional transporters, located in Watchtower, New Flagstaff, Trader’s Flat and Los Alamos. Those crafty Techs and Vistas have modified LifeNet pods and survivors are taking advantage of the new technology.

Before using any of the LifeNet Transporters in a town, players will need to complete a mission chain and acquire the knowledge necessary to access the routes. To get you started, the first knowledge is available in New Flagstaff, which will take you from Sector Two to Watchtower in Sector One. The knowledge in Trader’s Flat will take you from Sector Three to Sectors One and Two and the knowledge in Los Alamos will allow transport from Deadfall to Trader’s Flat as well as Sectors One and Two.

fallen earth LifeNet pod location

The system’s limited, so there must be a catch, right? Right. Players can only travel via the fast travel system once per hour and must meet the level requirements to use certain transporters. Specifically, players will need to be at level 15 or higher to transport from New Flagstaff, level 30 to transport from Trader’s Flat and level 47 from Los Alamos. There’s also a small fee (in chips) attached…

Those Techs and Vistas are pretty clever, and they’ve devised a way for survivors to identify where these modified pods are located. Look for a modified LifeNet tower atop LifeNet pods when you’re in town—that signifies a LifeNet transporter.

The new system should satisfy those survivors with achy feet and dry gas cans!

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