Fallen Earth Talks Crafting Changes and Territory Control in May Update

Posted Tue, May 08, 2012 by Martuk

Fallen Earth’s May State of the Game reveals more about the Global more about the Global Territory Control feature and some improvements for paying players. Subscribing players will soon have some extra perks for supporting the game by way of increases to the crafting queue, allowing more items to be crafted.

The Crafting Queue (meaning how many recipes you can have in progress at once) will be set to 1 for free players, 20 for Survivalists (this is what it currently is for everyone) and an increase to 30 for Wastelanders and Commanders. The upshot for free players here is that you’ll never hit an artificial wall preventing you from crafting for the rest of the day, so as long as you’re actively playing you can always craft something new once the previous item is finished.

Expect to see some tweaks to the Death Toll along with the removal of the XP penalty from free players, allowing them to earn 100% of available XP rather than 75%. There is a firm warning aimed at players that might be using a certain exploit.

We’re also working on addressing some calculations on the client and server that a portion of players have been abusing via third party tools. Until then, consider this an automatic first and only warning: Everyone caught for exploitation/modification of any kind will be banned immediately with no further discussion and no appeals process. So instead of cheating and then blaming it on your cousin/brother/best friend/dog, maybe just don’t do it in the first place? That seems like the best route, if you ask us.

On a positive closing note, the Global Territory Control feature is nearing completion and the team promises a few more surprises that they've managed to sneak into the update. If all goes as planned, Fallen Earth's 2.4 Global Territory Control update is expected to launch next Wednesday.  

Source: Fallen Earth May State of the Game

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