Fallen Earth Announces Account Transition Details to GamersFirst

Fallen Earth concludes the first part of its move to GamersFirst August 1st, be sure that you’re ready.

August 1st will mark the end of Phase One of Fallen EarthÂ’s integration into the GamersFirst publishing platform. Phase One will transition all of the gameÂ’s hardware to GamersFirst while keeping things running as usual. But there are a few things that youÂ’ll need to do to keep playing.

Your Fallen Earth account wonÂ’t just roll over automagically. Players will need to make a G1 account and then merge their Fallen Earth account with that one when the move is complete. Once this is done, youÂ’ll be able to log into your G1 account and keep playing Fallen Earth using all of your usual account goodies and characters.

The process will be available starting on August 1st, but current subscribers that complete their merge before August 5th will be eligible for some free G1 Credits as GamersFirstÂ’s way of saying thank you for completing the transition.

There are also some changes that some players will need to be aware of if they intend to continue subscribing to the game. Credit card payers will not have to do anything as the billing will continue to recur as normal, but if you're using PayPal or Click&Buy, youÂ’ll need to set the subscription up again once the transition completes since these will not automatically renew.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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