Fallen Earth Dev Blog Answers Free-to-Play Questions

Posted Tue, Sep 20, 2011 by Martuk

Whenever a game goes free-to-play there are inevitably a lot of questions from current players about how the change will affect them. With Fallen Earth set to make its free-to-play transition next month, the dev team is trying to answer all the questions they can about the change.

This week a new dev blog tackles many of the frequently asked questions by the community about subscription roll-overs, crafting and chip limits as a free player and more. While the devs admit that it’s a bit of a risk, free players will also be able to use the game’s auction house. But this will be an area that's monitored closely as it is at times abused by gold sellers in free-to-play games.

If you’re curious about character access, the blog promises that anything you had access to from a previous purchase you’ll have access to as a free player following the switch. So if you bought the game, you’ll still be able to play all four character slots as a free player.

If you had ever bought the game or paid for a subscription, those character slots were included with your game, so they belong to you regardless of the change in business model. No characters will be deleted, and you will not have to pick your favorite one or anything silly like that. When the game goes Free2Play, you can play all four.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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