FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Sastasha Dungeon Guide

Sashay into Sastasha with confidence with our complete dungeon guide to the first dungeon encoured in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Sastasha is the first dungeon available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It is unlocked eventually through your story quest shortly after your unlock the airship feature. ItÂ’s located in Western La Noscea north of Aleport. YouÂ’ll be able to queue for the dungeon once your story quest takes you there and you unlock the dungeon.

Before you get started I highly suggest you read our dungeon guide as a general walkthrough of dungeons in FFXIV.


  • Activate the coral trigger.
  • Open the hidden door.
  • Discover the pirate captain.
  • Obtain the Waverider Gate key.
  • Defeat Denn the Orcatoothed.

Captain's Key


There is nothing important to note with the enemies that youÂ’ll find. They are all direct duplicates of enemies located nearby in Western La Noscea. There are two different sections of the dungeon. The first is more bestial with Black Bats and Aurelia. YouÂ’ll also run into Giant Clams which will spawn Shade Seekers until you destroy it, but it is invulnerable while its shell is down.

The second part, after the first boss, is full of pirates. There isnÂ’t much to write about in regards to the pirates, except for the healing pirates that youÂ’ll want to be aware of. If you pull two groups of healing pirates (who will sit and heal each other) then youÂ’ll want to split them up if you canÂ’t out DPS the healing. Either snare / stun one of them and drag the other away or have one of the DPS pull one of the healers off the tank and just split them apart.

Otherwise there isnÂ’t much more eventful for the various mobs lurking around. Pirates love hiding in the little rooms which you can clear for extra treasure coffers.

Coral Trigger / Hidden Door

The coral trigger is four colored corals. The correct color to activate is listed on a note that youÂ’ll find on the ground on your journey there. However, if you donÂ’t find the note, you can just activate each coral (defeating the enemy that spawns) until the switch on the wall activates, opening the room to the first boss fight.

Chopper – The Cattery

Chopper is a straight forward fight. There is nothing special at all about this fight or anything to note. HeÂ’s the first dungeon boss in the game and doesnÂ’t have any unique or special abilities to be aware of, outside of his additional health pool.

Pirate Captain Madison – The Rambade

YouÂ’ll fight this pirate twice and heÂ’s the first boss with a posse. Both times heÂ’ll run away before being defeated, but he will leave a treasure chest behind in each scenario. Focus on his pals first before you take him on, itÂ’ll make the fight a bit easier.

Waverider Gate Key

Captain's Key

To get the Waverider key youÂ’ll first need to fight random pirates until they drop a key to the CaptainÂ’s Quarters. Once inside the CaptainÂ’s Quarters youÂ’ll find the Waverider key directly on the ground.

Denn the Orcatoothed

This fight is easy and difficult. ItÂ’s the first actual real boss fight (this being a dungeon of firsts). This is how the fight works. YouÂ’ll get a notice that bubbles are starting to form around the four grates (in the four corners of the room). Activating the grates will cause the bubbles to cease. If you fail to activate the grate then a mob will spawn (up to four). This means that youÂ’ll want to position your group in such a way as to have coverage over all four grates.

This is where it gets tricky. The tank canÂ’t activate a grate while being hit. So you have two scenarios. One is that a DPS can try to sprint between two grates while the tank focuses solely on tanking Denn. The other is that the tank places Denn in the center and when the bubbles come the tank tries to put enough distance between the tank and Denn to activate the bubbles.

Either method works. For my group we just let one of the mobs spawn (sometimes two because someone always forgot) and it wasnÂ’t that big of a hassle. If any mobs spawn just take them out as quickly as possible.

Otherwise the fight is rather straightforward.

ThatÂ’s our walkthrough of Sastasha. The next dungeon youÂ’ll unlock is The Tam-Tara Deepcraft.

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