Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Letter Details Battle and Guildleve Reforms

By Stacy Jones -

With update 1.18 approaching, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida dropped in to post a new ProducerÂ’s Letter to outline future changes and direction for FFXIV.

The letter touches on a number of topics that relate to several game changes, including a shift to remove some of the grind associated with the game. In the letter, Yoshida stated, “FINAL FANTASY XIV will gradually shift from being a grind-centric game to one that offers enjoyment for all playing styles and circumstances with its ever-expanding variety of content.”

1.18 will introduce several new changes to the game with additional new content such as instanced raids and battle system reforms. Guildleves that were once touted as being “the heart of the game” is officially retracted by Yoshida in the letter. Yoshida goes on to outline plans to reposition Guildleves in the games and reform the overall system to cater to solo and more casual adventurers. But these changes will also lead to more reforms in Skill Points, regional levequests battle rebalances and come with some changes to imbuing rewards with regional identity.

The tone of the letter is all about reform and Yoshida even expands on that further into the 1.19 update. If you were looking for change in FFXIV, it looks like quite a bit is coming.

Source: FFXIV Producer's Letter

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