FFXIV Producer's Letter Addresses Recent 1.18 Update Concerns

FFXIV launched the first part of its radical game changes last week and Producer Naoki Yoshida has responded to concerns about the recent update.
Last week marked the launch of Final Fantasy XIV’s (FFXIV) 1.18 update, which brought many new and what some considered radical changes to the game that included combat changes, new class balances and more.

Needless to say that with such a huge update has come a few issues; one that Yoshida admits that the team may have went a little overboard with.

Patch 1.18 marked the start of radical changes to Eorzea, across a wide range of the game’s features. We updated a lot of things, and I’m wondering if maybe we didn’t go a little overboard. We were debugging and balancing along with the development tasks, and trying to have the patch out as soon as possible. But the dev team and I are only human, so there were bound to be mistakes.

In response to player concerns, Yoshida posted a new Producer’s Letter to help get the word out on upcoming changes and tweaks for 1.18a, but details on the 1.19 update have been put on hold.

Source: FFXIV Producer’s Letter

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