Final Fantasy XIV Launches on PlayStation 4 in April

Posted Mon, Jan 27, 2014 by Martuk

PlayStation 4 (PS4) players can begin their adventure in Eorzea this April as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) makes its way to the console. Square Enix recently announced the news along with a slew of new details in Naoki Yoshida’s latest Live Letter from the Producer. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 version of the MMORPG will open today with the official worldwide launch set for April 17th, 2014.

FFXIV PS4 pre-orders are available today and come in three pre-order flavors: Standard Edition ($39.99), Digital Collector’s Edition ($59.99), and Collector’s Edition ($79.99). The Standard version comes with the base game while the Collector’s Edition includes a number of additional items that include an art book, music CD, art cards, a themed security token, and several other in-game bonus items. The Digital Collector’s Edition version will be added as an option on the PlayStation Store later.

Pre-orders also come with Mog Cap & Cait Sith Doll minion bonus items as well as early access starting on April 11th. Additionally, players that have previously registered a copy FFXIV Collector’s Edition, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition, or utilized the digital Collector’s Edition upgrade service will also receive Fat Chocobo Mount & Wind-up Moogle minion.

Prior to the PS4 launch, FFXIV players can also expect the next major content update, 2.2: Through the Maelstrom, to arrive in March. You can learn more about the upcoming 2.2 update and more in the Q&A posting from the latest Live Letter from the Producer.

PS4 owners will have the chance to join the FFXIV closed beta starting on February 22nd, 2014 at no charge. PlayStation 3 players can also opt to upgrade their game version and transfer their characters over on April 11th as part of early access.

Source: FFXIV Forums, Square Enix Press Release

Beware the Predator

I am an advanced degreed medical professional with a background in psychology as well, and I approach this subject from that perspective out of concern for potential victims. I am in a happy and satisfying relationship and have no personal axe to grind with anyone of any natural or altered gender or sexual preference in or out of this game or any other.

With FFXIV ARR soon to reach an even larger and likely younger, more naive audience I feel it's my responsibility as an adult female-type person, and a health professional at that, to share a little bit of information that may prove helpful to others of my gender who are relatively new to the MMORPG world.

It is quite simple really.


He is basically the equivalent of the RPG date-rapist. I do not overstate the issue. While obviously pregnancy and STD infection are not possible, in a vulnerable population real psychological damage is a very real possibility. Women have and do commit suicide over internet "romance" gone wrong. These predators, most of whom suffer from psychiatric issues of their own, are so narcissistic (self and ONLY self-focused) that they neither remember nor care what they say to girls/women to get their sexual needs met. They rob girls/women of self esteem and leave devastation in their wake.

I am writing this in an effort to do what little I can to prepare anyone reading this from suffering that devastation. The gender roles can be of any mixture, but in almost every case the perpetrator is male and the game character is female--the player born female, gay, surgically altered to become female or a young bi-curious male...which, for the record, is 100% normal and natural and is nothing for any guy to get upset about. It either passes or it doesn't and either way there's nothing wrong with you as long as you don't become one of these victimizing jerks, and that is my professional and personal opinion.

So to you, potential victim, I say this. Knowledge is power, especially the knowledge of your enemy. These guys lurk behind characters who look so pretty at first glance. Sadly for everyone involved, the player behind the almost-pretty Thancred-boy with the long white hair but not-quite-right squinting swamp colored eyes and cruel, hard mouth (an example of the type of thing to watch for as it can be a subconscious expression of psychopathology) is a flabby little troll with every intent to seek revenge on woman-kind for a lifetime of rejection. He will certainly sweep you off your feet, but he will just as quickly sweep you aside like a stray ash from the cigarette perpetually jutting from his skinny birdlike lips. As soon as he "gets what he's after" he'll give you no more thought than the ashes that drift down to land upon the stained wife beater t-shirt straining and failing to cover his hairy, distended beer gut as he maniacally types away, luring the next victim(s) in line. Often it's not even about sexual release but about humiliation for the female character/woman involved. It is not uncommon for "men" such as this to actually be physiologically or psychologically impotent.

This is by no means at ALL the typical RPGer. He's as an aberration, an outcast and very likely suffers from some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder for which he should be receiving treatment. Unfortunately it is impossible for any game to screen for this kind of predator so the "screening" is up to you and the first step is for you not to be taken in by the character who looks so much like Thancred or any of the other iconic or original pretty boys in the gorgeous world of Final Fantasy. That is step one.

Step two, should you engage in conversation with one of these practiced pervs is to have your BS detector set to HIGH. The longer you "hold out" ...within reason of course (though they love the chase, if the payoff doesn't come within what they consider a reasonable amount of time they'll skip straight to the brush-off, which is actually a kindness) the more outrageous their efforts will become. "Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if personal housing and marriage were available? Then we could do this right." They will cart you all over the map and help you kill monsters in their underwear to prove their prowess. If that fails they will resort to tales of woe, of how they found their girlfriend in bed with their best friend, uncle, father, HER father...whatever they think will work. They just need someone to "be there for them," and they know (after two minutes or at the outside hours) that person is you. You are just so unique and special. They have never been able to open up to someone like this before. It is so amazing--feels so good to have someone so precious in their life. They...well, they...just want to take care of you in every possible way.

They will appeal to every alleged female "weakness" they think they can exploit, and of course it works the best with younger, more naive girls or in some cases with women who have been married and divorced and are not yet wise to how things work now. I had to help a relative through just such an episode and I suppose that is part of why I feel so strongly about this. Truly any female character able to type will do for these ...male humanoids.

Please don't misunderstand my intent. I'm not here to preach at anyone. My boyfriend would laugh himself into very premature cardiac arrest if anyone called me a prude. What consenting adults do in their free time is none of my business, and I think people make FAR too big a deal about what is a simple physiological function anyway. If you're into casual encounters, fine--ENJOY! ...but don't fall for these creeps on an emotional level. They are psychologically scarred creatures and they will leave YOU with scars as well if you let them. That, sadly, is half the fun for them. They're called misogynists and they are damaged goods. Avoid them at all costs and report and blist them if they won't take no for an answer, especially if you're under-age and told them so. That makes what they've done a crime. Make a screen shot of the conversation and save it by clicking on printscreen on your keyboard. SE will also have a copy of the log of your conversation--and isn't that a cozy thought for all you non-exhibitionists out there. Of course these guys don't care. They're proud of their "conquests" and brag openly about them (another reason to think long and hard about what you do in what you think is the privacy of party chat or tells--that screen shot thing can really take a bite out of your privacy too). They'll even brag about the ones that didn't really happen in some cases. Some behaviors are as old as time--only the venue changes.

Without further ado, the warning signs I can think of off the top of my head. If you think of more please add them in the comments section, bearing in mind I have made perfectly clear this is not an anti-MAN thing, but an anti-victimization one. As I said MOST guys are NOT like this, so please no hate spam. I LOVE men, especially mine.

1. The random kiss blower. If he's doing this to you, he's doing it to every other female too. Cute as your pixels are, and I'm sure they are absolutely adorable, you're probably moving around and he hasn't even had a chance to see you close-up enough to get a good look at you. He sees ears and a tail and a female form and doesn't even care about the fact that a goodly percentage of miqos are guys. Chances are he does the blow-kiss to anything female, so pretend you didn't notice and then watch for a while and see if you were "that special" or not.

2. Beware look-alike characters. I've touched on this before but it absolutely bears repeating. Most real females have a thing for Thancred (yes that one keeps coming up cuz he's a personal least until I heard his voice which reminds me of Mercer Frey from Skyrim... yech?) and/or the handsome dark haired "main character" warrior (yum) in the trailer, as well as several other iconic FF characters from games past. Squall comes to mind personally also. All are baiting the trap. Half the work is done for them because we already love these characters and can't help making a subconscious association on some level. Not everyone models their characters in this way for nefarious reasons...ABSOLUTELY not. It's a combination of factors that mean trouble.

3. One of the first things he does is ask you to change something major about your appearance. You look too much like someone he's already "had". In other words you're not different enough and/or he may feel some...thing, positive or negative for the person he knew who looked like your character, which is of course precisely what he is desperately trying to avoid by his serial victimization behavior. If he asks for something precise ("I really like that ...braided ponytail with the short bangs in a vibrant dark color," and when you met you had the long straight hair in almost white ash blonde...but he blew you kisses's an issue). He obviously has a "type" and that is also, just as obviously, a big red flag. You, the person, mean nothing. It's all about the pixels, girlie.

4. If you ARE lured into conversation note his level and ask yourself what a level 50 (fill in the blank) is doing in a level (fill in the much lower level blank) area. He may be legitimately working on a new class and just didn't change over yet when he happened to see you in distress, in which case he certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt unless he already has other strikes against him. If he's still playing AS his level 50 and says "Oh, I just like to help out new players," especially if those "new players" consist a. of only females or b. of only you, and ANY two or more of the others "strikes" mentioned above have occurred, this is absolutely strike 3 and it's your cue to run away, blist the guy and not look back! I say blist because nothing will ignite his passion like someone running. It's like any other predator-prey situation. He will be RELENTLESS.

5. "Would you like to learn how to role play?" Red flag. Red flag. RED FLAG!!! Especially when followed up with "We'll have to go somewhere more quiet because it's usually done in emotes and I really don't agree with that whole meeting up in taverns thing." GTF out of there. While RP is a personal choice, this is not a legitimate introduction to RP. It is just a ploy to get you somewhere alone where he can make his moves, or at least begin the grooming process...which leads to...

6. ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS beware the guy who knows all the lovely secret places in the game where lower level characters won't be hurt by agro-ing mobs. He's a player and you are nothing but a middle card in an endless and forgettable deck.

7. Which leads to the biggest "tell" of all. His own friends, other girls, complete strangers tease him about his womanizing ways or harem or "what, another one already?" and openly ignore and talk around you as if you don't exist. You don't. Not for him, not for them. He won't bother to introduce you to anyone because he knows what you have not yet figured out. You will not be around in a day or two--either because you did or did not sext or have some other form of sexual interaction with him. And don't let your self esteem get all in a wad if this happens/has happened to you. You cannot BE good enough to keep this man's attention. Helen of TROY couldn't keep this man's attention. A triple jointed gymnast trained in ...well you get my drift. It can't be done, and it's not about you. It never has been. In the wise words of Metallica, "Sad But True".

Avoid him like the plague, because that's what guys like him are...a communicating disease.


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