Final Fantasy XIV Producer Talks 1.19 and Teases New Chocobo System

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida has posted another update to the community outlining changes in 1.19 and teasing a new feature.
Final Fantasy XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida delivered a later than expected Producer’s Letter yesterday outlining some of the game changes slated to go live with the 1.19 update. As an apology of sorts, Yoshida posted a teaser image for a new system that the team is hoping to have ready with the updates and codenamed (at least by Yoshida) as the “My Little Chocobo” feature. While not the working name, it’s probably safe to assume the vaguely teased system involves chocobos.

As for the rest of the planned 1,19 content, the team plans to simplify the opening tutorials, add new quests and story, expanding the development of the Grand Companies and a slew of planned changes and other additional content.

Check out the full ProducerÂ’s Letter for all the lengthy details.

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