Final Fantasy XIV Video Previews Cutter's Cry Raid

FFXIV serves up a new video showcasing the monsters and three-headed chimera of the upcoming raid known as Cutter’s Cry.

Patch 1.21 will soon arrive for Final Fantasy XIV and will add two new raids to the game. This week Square Enix revealed more details about one of those raids known as CutterÂ’s Cry.

CutterÂ’s Cry is an eight person raid aimed at level 45 players and home to a number of different enemies such as the three-headed chimera. The cave is filled with a number of challenges and traps that players will have to master in order to reach the final battle that includes rivers of quicksand, monsters and other natural hazards.

Check out the new video after the break for a look at CutterÂ’s Cry.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Cutter's Cry Preview

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