Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIV "Greatly Damaged" the Brand

Square Enix believes that Final Fantasy XIV's troubled past has caused serious damage to the Final Fantasy brand as a whole.

Speaking at a Tokyo press conference earlier today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada answered a few questions about Square Enix’s troubled Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) MMORPG. When asked about the game, Yoichi stated, “The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged.”

Following what can only be described as a very troubled launch; Square Enix replaced most of the FFXIV leadership team, delayed the Playstation 3 release and began extensive work to redesign the game. Square Enix has even chosen not to charge players a subscription until the game is in a condition that they fee and that reflected in last yearÂ’s financial forecast.

A lot of work has been already been done on the game since its launch last year but Wada went on to explain that work to reform the game will continue, “We'll continue with our reform work, which basically amounts to fully redoing the game, and hope to revive the FFXIV that should have been released."

via Gamasutra

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