Firefall Beta Update Talks Testing and More Invites

By Stacy Jones -
Firefall’s beta is well underway and today the team took a little time to offer an update on the game’s testing.  The update touches mostly on the work  to open world PvP, which hit a snag during testing, leaving some players stuck in queues and staring at a loading screen. A temporary open-world zone was added to facilitate quicker PvP while the team works to improve the matchmaking issues.

There is also a bit of good news for fans hoping to get into the Firefall beta. The devs are going to need a few more testers to test the server-side infrastructure, so expect to see more invites rolling out soon.

Firefall has managed to make the final list of Ten Ton HammerÂ’s Most Anticipated Games of 2012 voted on by the fans. Head over and check it out and cast your vote for the game youÂ’re looking forward to the most in 2012.

Source: Firefall website

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