Firefall Developer Video Shows How Players Can Expand the Game World

Red 5 Studios boss Mark Kern tells players how they can unlock new content and for Firefall while wielding his magical map powers.
The latest Firefall developer diary video features studio boss Mark Kern with his magical floating special effects map telling players how they can influence the release of new content. Firefall players will not only have the chance to fight against dynamic invasions and engage in squad-based PvP, but they’ll also be able to unlock new content by working together cross-servers to develop giant MRU units to push back the melding and reveal new areas of content.

Kern also talks about Firefall's staged approach to launch and the studio's Gmail-style beta invitation process in which players can apply for beta, and if selected, they'll get a number of beta invitations to pass on to friends.

It looks like an interesting way to reveal new content for all players, so give the new Firefall developer video a look after the break to see what Red 5 has in store for players.

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