Firefall Development Update Talks Future Improvements

Posted Fri, Oct 18, 2013 by Martuk

PvP may be on hiatus, but Red 5 is continuing its hard push to polish Firefall’s current content. This week the team joined up to offer a new development update to the community to discuss the recent bug crushing patch and planned improvements to some of Firefall’s key features such as the UI, character progression, combat, the story campaign, and dynamic encounters.

“We have teams working on new encounters, better systems for spawning those encounters, Chosen warfront polish, and systems for leading a player to fun and exciting content. A big piece of feedback we’ve gotten is that players are confused as to what to do after completing the intro missions. We want to remove that confusion and introduce players to what Firefall is all about. Building a system that creates a gameplay loop for players is step one in that process.”

Red 5 also has plans to make changes to Firefall's crafting and economy as well as improve social communication options in-game with VoIP fixes, larger army sizes, and public grouping options. You can read the full update for the whole rundown.

Source: Firefall Development Update


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