Firefall NDA Lifts April 6th

The Firefall team posts an open letter to testers and reveals the lift date for the NDA.

The Red 5 team has posted an open letter to Firefall testers regarding next weekÂ’s PAX East event, which will also signal the end of the NDA for the game. The post explains that PAX East attendees will get the chance to play in the live beta with the current testers and calls on the current players to help make the experience a good one for event attendees.

The post also makes two big announcements. The first is that the Firefall beta servers will begin to operate 24/7 as of April 2nd. Due to the fact that the game is still in testing, the letter notes that hotfixes and downtime is to be expected. The second, and larger announcement, is that the NDA will officially lift on Friday, April 6th at 10:00am ET, the first day of PAX East.

Since everyone at PAX will have access to the same content you have access to, it wouldnÂ’t be fair for them to be able to talk about those experiences while all of you are kept silent. The NDA will be lifted on Friday, April 6th at 10am Eastern (the same time players at PAX are able to play).

Source: Firefall Open Letter to Testers

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