Firefall Open Beta Starts Today

Dust off your battleframes. Firefall’s open beta begins with two-days of Firefall Fest livestreaming events.

Firefall begins its next phase of evolution today with the launch of open beta. Players can now sign up and jump in to start fighting the Chosen across New Eden. Given that this is still technically a beta; the Red 5 team has warned that some things may not be working as intended.

As part of the open beta launch, Firefall Fest 2013 also kicked off this morning for two days of livestreaming events that will showcase Firefall’s open beta gameplay, developer discussions, prize giveaways, and several YouTube personalities such as SeaNanners, Tybee, Sevadus, Melonie, and more.

You can visit the Red 5 Studios Twitch channel to watch Firefall Fest 2013 or just tune in to the embed below.

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