Firefall's Next Development Milestone Expands the PvE Experience

Red 5 Studios reveals plans to expand and further develop Firefall’s PvE experience with new content and dynamic events.

Following Red 5Â’s summer milestone updates for FirefallÂ’s battleframes, the team now sets their sights on expanding the PvE experience. Some of the newer MMOGs on the market such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2 have been pushing the dynamic content experience in MMOGs, and Firefall is looking to expand on that experience from the shooter perspective.

In the latest Milestone update, Red 5 discussed some of its plans to expand FirefallÂ’s PvE experience. With each new Milestone, the development team is broken down into smaller groups and given a specific area of content to focus on. A few of the things that they have in the works include new dynamic events, missions and encounters, new creatures, improvements to the core mechanics of PvE, stability & scalability improvements and more.

If youÂ’re looking to learn more about Firefall, be sure to give our Q&A with Lead Designer Scott Youngblood a read.

Source: Firefall Milestone Update

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