New Video Previews Unreleased Firefall-based Augmented Reality Game

Firefall developers create a new side project that blurs the lines between real and synthetic.
Red 5 has posted a project created not by the studio but as a side project by some of its Firefall developers. The video highlights an unreleased Flash game created by UI programmer John Su, which was recreated by Jon Olick as an augmented reality project with the help of David Olick and Matthew Olick along with Red 5 art & sound. The experimental project shows some creative rendering techniques with real-time augmented reality gameplay based on the world of Firefall. The project was created over a period of three weeks and made its debut as Jon Olick's Keynote presentation HPG2012 conference.

This could be an interesting way to play Firefall if it were ever to be adapted for actual gameplay. Gameplay on your floor, that's all I'm saying. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Source: Firefall Developer Blog

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