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Play Firefall’s New Omnidyne-M Battleframe for Free Through August 31st

By Stacy Jones -

Get a chance to try out FirefallÂ’s latest addition to the battleframe arsenal this week during the in-game Omnicon event. The event runs from August 27th-31st and will offer players a chance to try out the new Omnidyne-M Arsenal, a new battleframe that trades off defense plating for a swappable primary weapon. The battleframe provides a Light Machine Gun for medium range combat, a Particle Beam for long range attacks, and a Combat Shotgun for enemies that get too close. Additionally, the arsenal also includes an explosive Rocket Jump ability, a passive EMP to drain nearby enemies, and a mounted Shoulder Rocket.

As part of the Omnicon event, players will also have a chance to engage in a number of daily missions and PvP events to earn in-game rewards.

    • Arsenal Battleframe Field Testing: Pilot the Arsenal for free while gaining double XP and permanent Battleframe progression. Purchase the Arsenal for a limited-time 25% Red Bean discount.
    • Arsenal Missions: Take the Arsenal through special daily missions that showcase its firepower and maneuverability to gather Omnidyne-M Tokens that can be exchanged for a new title, decal and warpaint.
    • Holmgang Open World Free-for-All: Enter the Holmgang open world free-for-all zone in Sunken Harbor for heated PvP action.

Source: Red 5 Press Release

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