Red 5 Details Q1 2013 Milestones for Firefall

Big changes are on the books for Firefall early this year. Get the rundown on what’s in the works after the jump.

Online games like Firefall never stop growing. TheyÂ’re an evolving medium that changes over time to help keep us entertained. While Firefall hasnÂ’t officially launched yet, Red 5 has been pretty consistent about gathering feedback and making changes to the game. Sometimes those changes are major, sometimes minor, but this week the team has rolled out their milestone for Q1 2013, and you might be interested in whatÂ’s in the works.

A few things listed in the milestone blog includes new armies and social features such as army names, rosters, tags and chat channels, adjustments to the Matchmaking system, a new user experience, a revamped progression system, a deeper crafting system, improvements to Chosen AI and combat, and several other things being worked on by multiple freelance developers.

Red 5 will be revealing more about each of the planned milestones in the coming weeks with the first of that news to be discussed on this weekÂ’s Firefall Live on Friday at 10am PT.

Source: Firefall Q1 2013 Milestone Blog

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